Youtubers video so that people can see properly what


Youtubers make
money by employing product placement in their videos which means that the
audience is being influenced through “deliberate and subtle insertion of a
product into media entertainment”. Popular, and thus influential, Youtubers get
sent products by companies who pay for the product to be featured in the video.
In 2012, YouTube’s revenue from its ads program was estimated at $3.7 billion.
Next to this, there is a recent development where popular Youtubers are
crossing over to traditional media outlets, making money with radio shows and
book deals.



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How to make your channel more subscribed?

The people upload
videos on YouTube with these intentions that their knowledge will spread
throughout the world and they can make money as well while sitting at home. So,
for this best way is gets their channel more subscribed and attract the as much
people by sharing their knowledge in the form of art, studies, music or etc.
But while uploading focus on few things like use microphones while making video
so that your voice should be clear in the video. Another thing is that use
smart phone or high definition camera to record your video so that people can
see properly what you uploaded.

To get the more
subscribers a person must upload the things which are useful in daily life to
the world. For e.g. a person wants to learn guitar, but cannot afford guitar
classes. So, if someone can upload the lessons on the YouTube so the others can
learn it from there without paying and going anywhere. So that uploader can
easily attract the certain kind of people who are keen to learn these kinds of
things. So, my motive was to tell you that share your interest or hobby or
knowledge with the people in a nice way so the people can understand it easily.


Example of
people who has good number of subscribers and their video specialty:

How to cake it:
more than 3 million subscribers, make beautiful cakes

Irfan Junejo :
49K subscribers, brilliant video shooting skills

BB ki Vines more
than 5 million subscribers, making funny videos



From the
research, the result comes out that with the help of social media people’s
earnings are increased as well as their popularity. Today, people do not need
to go out to find a job, they can do their work from home. Well YouTube is also
the part of social media which provides more relief to its vloggers (who make
their videos and post it on YouTube) in the sense of income. However, today
mostly the youth is more interacting with the social media and making good
money as well. However, YouTube channels, blogs, websites, and hundreds of
other platforms in social media are host to self-created content that has
become popular among most Internet users, and monetized so that audiences are
able to become consumers. There are lots of cases happen, where people left
their jobs and prefer to work on the YouTube for full time and they are making
lot more money as compare to the income they were getting before. The most
prolific users of media are children, youth, and young adults. A study
conducted in 2008 found that 74% of children ages 8-18 in the United States had
their own internet access (Roberts & Foehr, 2008). It clearly states that
today doing business through media is very easy and more profitable.


YouTube is
marked by its progressive and collaborative aspects, which make using it as a
business platform. The unprecedented ability for consumers to interact with
producers and representatives of new media means that consumers wield true
business power and influence over the kinds of content that can be made and
consumed online. 100,000 loyal fans may not be profitable if they never pay for
anything, but as regular viewers of an independent creator’s content, they can
provide enough revenue to support and even grow the business.


companies realized the importance of social media like YouTube and how they can
use this platform to grow their businesses as well. Today YouTube is one of the
most usable sites in the daily life. As of 2011, more than 70% of adults with
Internet access in the United States visited video sites like YouTube, where
they frequently view content produced by independent creators as opposed to
branded content from established traditional companies. While businesses use
YouTube to place advertisements on content hosted by the platform, the
vloggers, YouTubers also participate in this revenue sharing. When every time
we see some video and the add comes up in the video, that makes some profit to
the creator of the content. The more the video get watched, so the more the
profit content creator will get, due the adds seen by the vlogger fans with the
content he uploaded.

From the above,
it is very clear that the popularity of YouTube is constantly increasing and
from this platform thousands of amateurs began monetizing content. It becomes
possible with the help of YouTube which makes the creators life easier by
providing a platform like that where creating and posting video contents are
very easy and as well as sharing the revenue generated by the displaying the advertisements
of big companies. In general, YouTube itself retains a 45% share of all ad
revenue generated by its partners, with the remaining 55% going to the partner.





                       It is basically a
quantitative data gets from the research. It generally gives the idea that how
many people are following the creator’s content. And how it affects the revenue
of the vlogger.



                         I used quantitative data in the
form of creator’s subscriber, viewer counts from the last 10 months to describe
the how much the audience growth has changed. From these figures, it becomes
very easy to see the difference occur in the count of viewers and give us
general idea about the how does it affects the creator’s revenue. To define the
fact, I used the example of Irfan Junejo channel
and the data is shown in the form of chart.

Finally, the
total August view count was divided by the number of videos uploaded in August
to get an Average Views per Video for the month. This data was conditionally
formatted to highlight if the average views were above or below the number of
subscribers to the channel.

So, in result I
found out 4 videos was uploaded in august and audience rate is increased from
59K to 75K which is big difference. Even I showed the report regarding viewers
count with the help of graph.



For the data
analysis, data about both channel content and video upload schedules. I
identified the ages of the channels in years and the vertical of content
produced. The age of the channels ranged from 1 – 2 years and vertical includes
film, vlog gaming, etc. The upload pattern is also recorded whether the videos
shoot with high quality or not.