You the illness, too.3.Your smartphone could make you sick.

You hear the same spiel every year from your doctors, pharmacists and mothers – don’t forget your flu shot! So what’s so good about a flu shot and why does everyone tell you to get one?1.The flu shot can keep you from catching the flu. This is the primary reason many people, especially those who are illness-prone, get an annual flu vaccination. But many people don’t get an annual flu shot, likely thinking they can just tough it out if they get sick. The flu can actually be a pretty serious illness, even for young, healthy people.2.The flu shot can help keep those around you healthy.This concept is often referred to as herd-vaccination or herd-immunity. If healthy people are vaccinated, those are aren’t healthy enough for the vaccination, like babies and the elderly, will be protected from the illness, too.3.Your smartphone could make you sick. Think about how many times a day you touch your smartphone. Think about how many surfaces it comes into contact with when you set it down. Now, think about all the germs on the surface of your smartphone that you’re putting up to your face to make a call. Most people don’t disinfect their phones regularly, much less several times a day. Getting vaccinated is a good way to protect yourself.4.It can shorten your illness if you do get the flu.There is a chance you might still get the flu, even if you’ve been vaccinated. But the vaccination can help limit your symptoms and shorten the duration of your illness. The flu vaccine also reduces the likelihood that you and those you come into contact with will be hospitalized because of the flu.5.You can get a flu shot almost anywhere.Today, the flu vaccine is available at drug stores and pharmacies nationwide, as well as outpatient clinics and your doctor’s office. It takes about 30 seconds to administer, and there isn’t any downtime. Get your flu shot, grab your lunch, and head back to work.If you have questions about the flu vaccine, including which type of vaccine is right for you, possible side effects, or effectiveness, don’t hesitate to talk with a Klein’s Pharmacist. We’re happy to help you in person or over the phone.