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   Yes and no, the United States does and does not follow and promote the democratic values upon which it was founded.    Here are some reasons why. During World War 2, African-American were treated differently than everyone else. They were set to a higher standard than everyone else. Blacks went to a school and then when they finished, they were sent to a camp that can help them become the best flyers. They felt as though it was worth to become pilots because they wanted to help fight the war. As they were trying to reach their goal, they went through more challenges than anyone else. Even after the hard work they have done, people gave them no respect. In this world, they saved a lot of families. After the African-American saved the people that was in trouble, they  got to move on. The African-Americans showed people that they are not just people, but they are more than that. Yes, they were given medals, but they were never asked how they felt about all the things that were forced upon them.    Then again, the United States does not follow and promote the democratic values. In part of WW2, there were times that people have been taken and killed. This happened during the Holocaust. Jews were being killed or snatched up by the Nazis. The Jews were saved by Americans, but they were not saved right away. In fair honesty, is that the only time the United States would care about people and the way the way people are treated? Yes, Americans They saved people, but what about all the people that have not been saved, that have been killed over time because of what they are or who they are or what they believed in. They died because people could not accept the fact that it was their fault. That means that families have lost loved one and everything that has worked hard for. We all know that their lives are not going to be ok, but do we just sit back and think its ok? Yes, the United States came and saved them, but was what the United States did enough?Another reason the United States does not follow and promote the democratic values is that of how they treat people. Some people were drafted or sent to jail if they refused to join the war. Basically, people’s lives were controlled by the government. For example, when a boy/man turned 18, they had to join selective service. Some camps abide by freedom of speech and the amendment. In the cold war, there was a lot of people who took part in the war. Even though the cold war was just basically people fighting with words and not actions, the still needed people. They needed people to make weapons. They needed to make weapons because they would threaten each other and if one country had more or something better, they would try to do the same thing, make their weapons better and bigger and threaten each other more. They gave away a lot of money because they needed money to make the weapons that were not even used. They played a kiddy game of who will fire first or back down. Then there is the American Dream. Back in the 1950’s, there the U.S American Dream was to have a house with a picket fence, a family, a car, and a good paying job. Now that we are in the 2000’s, the American Dream now is to be rich. The American Dream now is nothing compared to before. People want to be rich and take over the world so they can just do things that are not good for the U.S., like put more taxes on things and make it harder for people to get things in the U.S. If  they put more taxes on things like the stuff that was at a low price, not everyone is going to want to buy it. For example, gas. They are making the gas price higher and they know that people are not going to want to buy it, but they have to so they can get to work and school and out of town for an emergency.Last but not least, The Civil Rights Movement. The way people treated each other was wrong. African American and whites were separated from each other. Many African Americans were hurt and killed, trying to fight for the right to be themselves. Martin Luther King had made a speech saying that he had a dream. His dream was to have it kid not be judged by their color but by the act of character. Martin Luther King was a very wise man. There were marches that were being held. People from all states came to support them. Some did die and some lived. During this time, people did sit-ins and boycotted. But did the U.S actually care? Well over half did. Basically, the northern parts of the U.S cared. The northern part of the U.S helped make it possible for blacks to vote. The government did not really do anything about that fact that everyone in the south is fighting and killing people because of their color. It really doesn’t make sense. It says that people have the right to be how they are and do what they want as long as it doesn’t hurt people. For the whites to kill and do things to black, does not actually follow that rule. But then again no actually cared. One President that cared the most, must have been John F. Kennedy. An African American was trying to apply to a school that they wanted to get to, but they did not let him pay as a student. When Kennedy heard about this, he sent people that worked for him to go find the young man and take him to the school to get him to enroll at the school. Then, Kennedy was assassinated. Now that he was gone, everyone was thinking, what is going to happen now?So yes and no, the United States does and does not follow and promote the democratic values which it was founded upon. It’s all because of the way that they treat people, the way that they think that changing things is a good idea, also since that American Dream is not the same like in the 1950’s were everyone wanted to have a family and a good job and a car and more.