Years an hours to visit each other which makes

Years ago, when people did not know technology, they had a lot of problem
with connecting, informing and even surviving. Technology helps them to study
about health and shows people how to share their information to have a better
lives. Many people argue that technology cannot makes easier lives for them but
the others are opposite of this claim. In fact technology is one of the most
important part of our lives which makes easier lives for all the people around
the world.


Nowadays technology is everywhere and people use it to makes their lives
easier. In the other word, these days with widespread cities living without
using technology is impossible; when we drive our car it means we are using
technology. Imagine one day without technology: how should we reach to our work
place?  We all know, we cannot walk every
day and reach on time to our appointments. For example in Toronto most of the
organizations are in down town but a lot of people live in uptown and they need
to go to those organizations obviously it is not possible without using car or
bus which consider as using technology. Thus Technology is a fact that helps us
to survive easier.

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Another fact that proofs technology made our lives easier is communication.
Without technology we should take a lot of time to send our messages to our
friends or family. People need to send their message by themselves instead
using text message or Email. So, they need to take hours to give their birth
day or New Year messages or other messages to each other.  In the other hand, with technology, it does
not matter how far the distance is between them, people can just send an Email
or text message to each other and saving time. They even can send their video
or pictures to each other without spend an hours to visit each other which
makes easier lives to people.


In conclusion technology is vital for our lives which helps us to survive
easier .Without technology, we would face to a lot of problems such as time
managements and communication. Technology can help people to save their time
and do their work easy. Technology have a lot of achievements for the human,
and people try to use it in the best ways .although, some people are oppose of
this claim, but they are not being denied of importance of the technology .we
just need to educate ourselves to use the technology in the best ways.