“Work immersion based on what track they are enrolled

“Work immersion area is a key feature in the senior high school curriculum.It can be conducted in different way depending on the purposes and needs of the learners” Educational Secretary Leonor Briones said.

This study aims to know the impact of classroom lectures to actual practice of work immersion area. Senior High School students should undergo work immersion based on what track they are enrolled in.

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They are able to use their knowledge and skills from the classroom lectures to Work immersion area. Teachers ensure that the student have fully equiped and have enough knowledge to face the struggles and challenges in the field of work immersion. But some of the students struggle about their course some are the parents choose for them and the choice for their friends also.

According to the guidelines, Work immersion for senior High School students can range from 80 to 320 hours. We conduct research about the effect of classroom lectures when they proceed to the hands on experience in work immersion area. In Handumanan National High School the senior high school students from Grade 1, they can range 80 hours in 20 days so everyday they spend for 4 hours in work immersion like Acoountancy, Business and Management course but in the Electrical,Install and Maintenance track the range is 80 hours in 10 days they spend for 8 hours a day in the work immersion based on where they are assigned in .

It determines that by the work of teachers and learnings of the students. Students can engage to the work immersion area and mold theirselves to prepare in the higher obligations in their lives. Work immersion is a great oppurtunity to gain experience in the field of work their choice. It prepares the students on what would it like to be in the position of their choice or what would they do in the actual situation. In that way they can apply their learnings to be in a professional.