With alongs and beaming Daryl were the testimony to

With every possible bright shade of felicity, adventure and some really good music, Falls Festival kicked off its 25th edition on Sunday, 31st December 2017. Australia’s very own festival, it was first organised in 1993 in Lorne, Victoria as Rock above the falls. Back then, it was just a one-day event which turned into an overnight success thanks to the 11,000 attendees that were not even expected by the organisers.

 In 1995 though, things took a turn for good and the festival decided to adopt a two-day format, due to its huge fan-following. Since, then they have not looked back and it continues to rule Australia and has turned into one of the most awaited events of the year. And this year was no different, with tickets sold out in almost no time, the festival dripped awesomeness! Vibrant festive clothing, mud slides, pop up bars and gourmet food trucks and a rocking music festival, the event delivered everything it promised along with the memories that will last every attendee a life time.

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Day 1 of the sold-out music and art event started off on a rather cheerful note with Party Dozen’s version jazz/electronic/pop. Kristy Tickle stole the show with her expertise use of saxophone for vocal amplification. What followed was a rocking performance by Brisso boys, DZ Deathrays that sent the crowd in a total frenzy with their classic tracks and some swell new singles.

Then Confidence Man with their rather unusual take on art and music almost exploded on the stage with their eclectic live shows. More than the music, people had their mind boggled by the duo’s almost profane dance moves and well the condom confetti thing the two had going on!

The next slot was occupied by the Australian legend, Daryl Braithwaite himself. The 68-year-old brought along with himself a sh*t load of energy and a New Year nostalgia that made everything that followed better. The perennial sing alongs and beaming Daryl were the testimony to the indescribable moment the crowd and the singer shared.