Windows User account. Database user can access the specific

Windows mode:

In windows mode the user will connect to the database Engine
through windows user credentials. SQL server automatically validates the
credentials in the operating system. Windows mode is more secure than SQL
server authentication and this connection to the database is called trusted
connection. Windows authentication has more level of protection when compare to
SQL Server authentication since it uses Kerberos security protocol.

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Mixed mode:

In mixed mode the user will connect to the database Engine
either through windows authentication or SQL Server authentication. The user’s
credentials are stored in the SQL Server. One of the main problem with mixed
mode is it lacks account lockout capabilities and expose the systems to attack
through SQL server vulnerable.



We can connect to the server
using SQL server login account. Since SQL server login account are nothing but
windows authentication and SQL server authentication which are required to
enter into the DBMS. Even though through login account one can connect to the
DBMS but cannot access to the databases present in the system until unless
there is mapping between user and login. The information about each login is
stores in the syslogins table. If we want to access anything related to server
level that should be granted by login. We have variety types of logins apart
from windows authentication, SQL server authentication like login account using
certificate etc.

On the other hand we can
connect to the database level using database User account. Database user can
access the specific database. User is responsible for granting access to the
database objects like tables, views etc., SQL Server will automatically query
whether this database is associated with the login name and the user if there
is no user then guest user access the database. For one SQL server login
account there can be many user accounts.