“WHY the two girls.”Are we there yet,” Natsu asked

“WHY WOULD WE EVER JOIN A FIENDISH LOWLIFE LIKE YOU!!” Lucy shouted as she looked at Mika straight in the eyes. “YEAH, WE WOULD NEVER BETRAY FAIRY TAIL LIKE THAT,” Levy joined in.”Wrong answer,” Mika said as she walked closer to the two girls.”Are we there yet,” Natsu asked getting bored from the long walk.Gajeel was getting annoyed by Natsu’s behavior and wanted to punch him in the face right about now.”HEY, WE’RE HERE!!!!!!!” Gajeel said as he started to run to the beach.The rest of the group quickly followed him.”WAIT!!!!!!” Erza yelled.”What is it now,” Natsu asked”Something’s here,” She said while drawing her sword.”Then that must mean this is the place,” Gajeel said as he took a piece of metal off of the lifeguard post.Soon something came up from the sand and dragged Erza down.”ERZA!!!!!” the group shouted as they saw what had just occurred.”IT’S GOT ME,” Happy screamed.”HAPPY!!!!!!” Natsu yelled as he saw his best friend get dragged under the sand.Natsu tried to grab the blue cat’s paw but he was too late.”ALRIGHT, WHOEVER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS IS GONNA PAY,” Nastu said on the brink of tears.”I thought it would be pretty obvious who was responsible for this,” a girl said as she shot up out of the sand with monsters surrounding her.”DAMN YOU MIKA, STOP BEING A COWARD AND FIGHT ME YOURSELF,” Natsu yelled getting ready to fight.”Now you know I won’t do that, but I’ll let you fight the next best thing, come on out my puppets,” Mika said.”Hello Fairy Tail,” They said in unison.Everyone was speechless, was it really them.”Lucy, Levy,” Mira said almost bursting into tears.”WHAT DID YOU DO TO THEM YOU MONSTER,” Natsu spat out in disgust.”She did nothing, we joined voluntarily,”The two girls said in a robotic.”Now I know that’s not true, the Lucy and Levy I know love Fairy Tail and would never do anything to endanger it,” Natsu started to cry.”Then I guess you don’t know us very well,” The two girls said, yet again, robot-like.”The moment it looked like you were loosing, these two called for me and asked if they could join me, and being the kind person I am, I gladly accepted them into my family,” Mika said.”Open, gate of the lion, Leo,” Lucy spat out.”What do you need, your evilness,” Loke said.Natsu looked at loke, his eyes were red, and he had a black, spiked collar around his neck that was admitting strange energy.”WHAT’S WRONG WITH LOKE,” Natsu said as he looked at Lucy seriously concerned.”I joined the right side, the winning side,” Loke made an evil laugh.”DARK REGULUS IMPACT,” Loke said as he knocked Mira to the ground.”WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE,” Gajeel shouted as he was trapped in electric bars created by Levy.”LUCY, PLEASE LISTEN TO ME, I NEED YOU TO SNAP OUT OF IT,” Natsu pleaded as he kept on crying.”Na………….na……….nat……..su,” Lucy said as the stopped fighting for a second.”Lucy, your crying,” Natsu Said breaking a smile.”I am not crying,” Lucy said as she was on the brink of tears.Natsu started to embrace Lucy.”WHAT ARE YOU DOING,” Lucy said as she started to hug him back.”What, why am I hugging you, why won’t I let go. Let go, let go, please why can’t I let go,” Lucy started to get angered.Natsu noticed a black ice skate mark on Lucy’s neck.”That mark,” Natsu started to say.”LUCY, GET AWAY FROM HIM NOW,” Mika said.”Please Lucy, snap out of it, I need you.””Natsu,” Lucy said as she started to cry.”Thank you,” She finished.By that time Loke’s collar disappeared and his eyes changed to normal.”Now we have to get Levy back,” Lucy said as she grabbed the Fleuve d’étoiles.”No,” Mika said as she snatched Levy away.”Pet’s, finish them off, oh and if you want your friend’s back then I suggest you come and find me by finishing up the puzzle,” Mika laughed as she vanished into thin air.”Great, now she had Levy, Erza, and Happy. Plus, Gray’s life is in her hands,” Natsu said, annoyed.”Guy’s, before Levy and I were taken over, we found a hidden message in the clue,” Lucy said as she pulled out the fixed clue.”Dear Finders,If you want to be tainted with blood just follow this clue.Clue #1There are anger and sadness. There are bloodlust and worry. The key to your demise is in a place where it is dry and wet, hot and cold, and you are dead. The other path is towards a place of luxury and enjoyment. A place where you stay in the sun and swim your heart out does seem nice but is also quite deadly…”Wow, that is definitely a different clue than the one we read,” Gajeel stated.”You can say that again,” The group nodded.