Why of marijuana would allow patients to have it

Why Marijuana Should Be Legal in all 50 States MARIJUANA USED FOR THERAPEUTIC PURPOSES:  For many years marijuana has been used successfully to help people with serious health problems, particularly cancer patients.  Patients should not have to travel to find a place where treatment is legalized so they can make life easier and give it a chance to make themselves feel better. Furthermore, the legalization of marijuana would allow patients to have it without having to go far and wide to be treated. It has been established that marijuana has health benefits in different types of patients.  LEGAL SALE WOULD BE AN ADVANTAGE FOR YOUNG ADULTS: Marijuana is used by more than 55 million people a year and this figure increases year by year, particularly among teenagers and young adults. The fact that marijuana is categorized as a schedule one drug pushes the youth to use more dangerous substances. The legalization of marijuana would eliminate this problem.  SAVIVINGS ON COSTS OF GOVERNMENT: Thousands of people are arrested every day for using or possessing marijuana and this leads to excessive costs by the government. The legalization of marijuana would eliminate these expenses and allow the courts to focus on more serious cases.  MORE EMPTY CELLS AND JAILS :Given the data on the arrest sand incarcerations due to marijuana, it is not surprising that the cells and prisons are incredibly rich. Keeping these people incarcerated costs a huge sums of money to tax payers. Also, more money is required to build new cells and prisons for these prisoners.       NEW SUBSIDIES FOR THE STATE: Marijuana is one of the nation’s most popular plants and it’s legalization would create new jobs. More work means more state revenue  that could help our economy push even further. Not counting the taxes arising from its sale.  This type of revenue can be extremely useful for creating new government projects and jobs.  The legalization of marijuana would also increase the revenue of the state and help the citizens. A PRODUCT THAT YOU CAN USE IN DIFFERENT WAYS: A marijuana species called Indian hemp can be used for different functions to create fabric, ropes or animal litter. It’s uses  are practically infinite.  FULL OF NUTRITIONAL VALUES: Hemp seeds are nutritious and rich in omega-3, calcium and iron. Hemp is used in many foods, condiments, nutritive bars and potato chips.  PURPOSES OF PERSONAL HYGIENE AND HEALTH: Hemp can be used as a personal hygiene product, found in bath foams, shampoos, conditioners and soaps. The oils in these products are not only good for the skin, but also help prevent heart problems.  EASY TO CULTIVATE AND ECOLOGICAL: Unlike many other crops, weed needs very few fertilizers and chemicals. It is also resistant to harmful animals which means that there is no need for dangerous insecticides and this is extremely beneficial for the environment. Also  in some parts of the world, hemp is used to clean a dirty ground and clean up bacteria that  effects humans.