Why else. Some girls, at first, may ignore the

Why do girls feel that they aren’t pretty enough or that they should pretend to be like someone else? Well, this is because in social media there is always this group of people telling you that you should change to “fit in” because you are “weird”, but the reality is that you are perfect the way you are. Normally, in schools, there’s always someone being bullied. When these people start hearing the same thing too much, they start believing it and this could lead to girls starting to believe that they are simple or ugly.  Being different and being yourself is what makes you unique and special. Everyone should be themselves and stop wanting to change just to be “trending” because not everything that is “trending” is good for you. You should always have your own judgment and not let anyone else control your actions.People may think that girls shouldn’t listen to bullies but  for some girls it’s not always that easy. Bullies just want to see how you react when they say those things. Girls should  be more confident about their bodies and let the words slide off and stop letting that affect their confidence about their bodies, and who they are. Girls can decide if they want to be themselves or just want to hide who they are and be afraid of the bully’s words. Bullies are nothing if you ignore them but if you just let them affect you they will keep bothering you.Actually, bullies do have a big impact in most girls. Some girls change the way they act, dress, talk, and even how they study because they want to fit in with the expectations of everybody else. Some girls, at first, may ignore the bully, but slowly, by hearing these comments constantly, they start believing them . Some girls commit suicide because the bullies make them feel like nobody loves them and that they will never like them, but everyone is loved and because someone says that no one loves you doesn’t mean that it’s true. We have to pay attention to a girl’s feelings. You never know what she is thinking and she could hurt herself, so we must help them when they are going through bad times and let them know that they matter.In magazines, when they do photoshop on their models, they don’t do it to make girls feel bad about themselves or sad because they don’t look like them. They do it to promote their product so they show beautiful and experienced models to create a better image. Girls exaggerate when they see the models that are so skinny and have “perfect” skin. They just do it because they want to be beautiful and they want to look better. Maybe because they see them as their role models and want to be exactly like them.Some of those magazines make some girls think that they have to hide who they are and be like everybody else. Some girls think that they need to be really skinny and fit and they try, by doing extreme diets without a doctor’s authorization and sometimes they even stop eating and usually end up with an eating disorder. Women now want surgeries to change their bodies but that’s artificial beauty and they aren’t themselves anymore after it’s done.  They are changing their figure to be like the rest, like clones.Girls shouldn’t let people control them, they could just ignore them and live a happy life. Girls should make their own choices, it doesn’t matter if everyone goes right, you should  go left. Girls are always afraid of making their own choices and are always asking their friends and everyone they know if they approve their choices.For example when you ask your friends if they like this movie so you can watch it.Why do people think girls do this ? Because they want to fit in and they want to make sure that people like what they choose so they won’t be judged. Society is always saying “You can be yourself” but when you start being yourself, they say “not like that”, they still want you to do what they like, but in an indirect way. Even little girls are feeling the pressure to be like the rest and they  sometimes want to grow up too quick. They put makeup on too early and their clothes are too tight. It was found that 42% of 1st- 3rd grade girls wish to be more skinny. Girls should know that no matter what they do or what they choose, it should be their choice and they should be happy with the choice they made.Girls often feel pressure to be perfect because if they aren’t perfect no one is going to love them, but that’s not true. Girls all around the world feel ashamed of their body and they want to change it because they aren’t like the “standard-example of the “perfect girl”, but they should feel really confident about themselves. Some girls that have been bullied feel like they aren’t beautiful enough and they commit suicide because they think the world would be better without them, but they are brave, honest, and beautiful and somewhere they are loved and there’s a place where they belong and I’m sure that wherever they go they will find happiness. They just need to see it like the rest of us do, everyone matters and just because this one person is bothering you and saying that you are worthless doesn’t mean that nobody else likes you. Everybody has someone who likes them and should always appreciate the things that they have.