When options. In the event of being too busy

When it comes to where to live, it goes without saying that
everyone has their own preference. Some people are in fond of spending their
lifetime in a small town while others desire city life. To my way of thinking,
I would rather live in a large city because of several reasons as follows.

To begin with, cities offer great opportunities of better
education and highly-paid jobs. Different from towns where there are only some
state schools, cities provide parents and their children with a wide range of
educational centers. Students can choose to study in a state, a private, a
foreign-invested or an international school all of which are great in number.
Besides schooling, jobs with good salary is another attraction. The more the
cities develop, the more employees the companies and factories seek for. Therefore,
the basic salary is often raised to appeal to many well-qualified workers.

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Secondly, a variety of excellent facilities is available in
a big city. For instance, in terms of healthcare, patients can go to lots of hospitals
that vary in their function, not to mention international hospitals whose
technology is very modern. In Ho Chi Minh city where I am living now, there are
such hospitals as Saigon Eye Hospital, HCMC Dermatology Hospital, Maxillo-facial
Hospital, Orthopedic Hospital and so on. Moreover, dwellers can be offered
numerous leisure facilities. If you are a sporty person, gymnastics centers, big
swimming pools, sports stadiums are at your disposal. If you are interested in
going out, you can pay a visit to shopping malls, clothes shop, clubs, coffee
shops, and even supermarkets.

Furthermore, in big cities, there are various food options. In
the event of being too busy to cook at home, people can go outside and enjoy many
kinds of dishes. Food choice in Ho Chi Minh city is a perfect illustration. It encompasses
not only cuisines of three regions in Vietnam, but also foreign cuisines like French,
Italian, Spanish, and Chinese. Streets food also whets people’s appetite.

In summary, I am much of the opinion that living in a big
city is preferable to living in a small town. Big cities are a wonderful environment
to bring up children and a very convenient place for adults to work and enjoy
their life.