What the answers what is actually required for success.

What is actually required for success after starting any business we expect success all the time. But not people achieve success. Why does it happen what are the drawbacks what dont you have that a successful person had here we have the answers what is actually required for success. 1- your attitude towards problem after starting any work you think i cant do it that means deep down in your heart you already accepted your failure. The secret of success in real life and in business is the optimistic attitude. Remove i will not succeed from your dictionary. 2- plans it is very important to think- what and how you think and what you are doing. To move forward you should know what you are aiming for chose your goal very specifically and it should be calculative. Write down your goal and develop steps to finish it. Divide your large work or goal into small parts; work on it separately and consistently. The small success will keep you motivated and will help you to move forward. 3- dont leave your work undone the secret of success is to keep moving towards your goals. It happens when we face difficult moments we dont have the courage to face them. It is very necessary that you should not surrender. Find a solution for the problem. Every problem has a solution no matter how big it is. The habit to never leave work undone will lead you to a big success. 4- do what you love to dont just choose anything that can stress you out means things that dont give you pleasure dont just run behind money benefit. Choose work of your interest and that can give you success money respect and most important happiness. 5- hard work is the key you cant just sit down and expect to be a successful person. Many successful people said that they worked very hard to reach this point; they started with small things and never stop on the path of chasing the dreams. 6- learn learn and learn you should constantly improve yourself to fit in future. Never stop learning and you will be a successful person. You cannot even imagine how much intelligence and abilities you have. You have to develop and train yourself. 7- analyze the situation before implementing your plans you should know what is required for example if you are launching any product in the market before launching you should know consumers demand the psychology of consumers the interest of buyers and so many things. It is necessary to have the clear vision of the situation. Be enthusiastic about your work and never stop trying. Maybe one business or work wont give you success but maybe the next one will.