What so many qualities and skills that a leader

What makes someone a leader? A good leader is a motivator, they know how to inspire and encourage those that they work with. A good leader is a decision maker, they know how to make decisions for themselves as well as incorporate the thoughts and opinions of others. A good leader is a visionary, always trying to predict the future. The definition of a leader is a person who rules or guides or inspires others and this is just a sampling of what makes a good leader. There are so many qualities and skills that a leader must possess, knowing how and when to use them is key to good leadership. A leader must have a vision of what they want to achieve and they have to communicate that vision to others in a way that makes them want to be part of it. They are the eyes and ears to the future, allowing others to recognize the need for change, when to make it, how to implement it, and how to manage it. Good organizations convey a strong vision of where they will be in the future. As a leader, you have to get your people to trust you and be sold on your vision. Leaders have to be honest and fair in all they do and gain the trust of those they are leading. To sell them on their vision, they need to possess energy and display a positive attitude that is contagious. People want a strong vision of where they are going. No one wants to be stuck in a dead-end company.  In trying to predict the future, one thing is certain, profound and unpredictable change is inevitable. A leader requires the willingness and ability to change what is already being done, just as much as the ability to do new and different things. Resistance to change is a dead-end street, for a leader and the organization. As a leader, you need to stress the importance of action to make the change as quickly and smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, a worker’s first reaction to change is often to resist it. People get comfortable performing tasks and processes in a particular manner. This comfort provides them with the security that they are already experts in their job. Some of the things that cause them to fear change includes looking like a fool, dislike of a disruption in their lives, their jobs might become harder, and the loss of control.  Leaders can help the change process by changing their employees’ attitude from avoidance into acceptance.Another thing a good leader must do is communicate the big picture, communication helps a leader convince others that they should follow along, join the team and get on board. Communication is the exchange and flow of information and ideas from one person to another. Effective communication occurs only if everyone understands the exact information or idea that the leader is trying to transmit. Many of the problems that occur in an organization are the direct result of people failing to communicate. Bad communication causes the most problems; it leads to confusion and can cause a good plan to fail. Good leaders need to make sure that there is an open line of communication between everyone in the organization, keeping them aware of the goals and vision of the organization.Leaders muse encompass a wide array of skills and traits in order to be successful. Often the terms managers and leaders are use interchangeably, when in actuality there are some major differences. A leader is someone who people choose to follow. A leader influences others to do things that they may not otherwise do. Ideally, the effective leader is a person of integrity. It doesn’t take a title to be a leader and it is crucial to understand the difference. A leader can be a manager, but a manager is no