What sales. There are often many events, news, pop-up

What makes
Selfridges different than other luxury department stores? What makes customers
choose Selfridges instead of other stores?

has many unique qualities and has often been a step ahead of other companies by
being forward thinking.

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experience in the luxury department store is extremely important, and that is
what Selfridges offer them in-store personal experience. Selfridges does six
big campaigns in a year time.

In 2007,
Selfridges opened its so-called Wonder Room. The Wonder Room was a concept
department where all the finest merchandise in Selfridges was displayed. Some
of the finest jewellery, scarves, and watches could all be found in the Wonder
Room, there was also a Wonder Bar where customers can have a drink while

September 2010, Selfridges opened the biggest shoe department in the world, they
had over 4,000 pairs of shoes, which made the headlines of the news and all
shoe loves stood in line to see this new launch of campaign made and the lounge
of shoes. The shoes brands were a variety from Topshop to Jimmy Choo. This
change has improved Selfridges’ reputation and increased a lot of the sales.

always had the importance of their window display, and they always made it
unique and desirable. Since Mr Selfridge built the store, he wanted the window
displays to be beautiful and to tell the customers a story. This was something not
many had seen before in department stores. He wanted woman to dream about the
life in the displays shown, which also wanted them to want all the merchandise

Even if
customers today are familiar with this kind of advertisement, but it still has
an effect on most of the customers and it still works. Selfridges window
displays are known all over the world and tourists stop to take pictures of the
desirable visual merchandising.

marketing strategy that Selfridges is really good at is brand collaborations
and partnerships, it is a very important part of their marketing strategy, as
it increases many of their sales. There are often many events, news, pop-up
stores, or exhibitions happening at Selfridges.

All Selfridges
wants to gain from those events or exhibitions happening in their department is
for new customers to set a foot in the store. Once new customers step in the
store they know that the possibility of them buying something or coming back
again is huge, they also might tell their family and friends about the
experience they had, and that itself is enough to get them to enter Selfridges as

If Selfridges
did not have a good relationship with their partners and the designers they buy
from none of this would be possible, they have always found a way to keep the
customers interested and gave them a reason to visit the store frequently.

Selfridges have been using this marketing strategy for quite a while. By
wanting every class to be able to shop at their department store, which not
many companies have succeeded in doing. Most department stores decide to be
either luxury or high street department store, but on the other hand Selfridges
has succeeded in having both, which shows the wide range of brands offered.

They have
brands ranging from, Primark, H, Topshop can be found, and when it comes
to wider variety of brands they offer from, Acne, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and at
the very top-end, Selfridges offer brands including Chanel, Dior, Valentino,
and Yves Saint Laurent. By offering all those type of brands with all those
different price ranges, Selfridges make sure to cover every customer need.