What destroyed. Also you can upgrade your Anti-Virus if

What is functionality?

In a computer the function is basically if the input device
like mouse and keyboard work with the computer, this is basically if you input
information through the keyboard and then click with your mouse and is all of
this works then its functioning properly. But a functionality issue is
basically if there is a problem with the computer and as a technician you need
to figure out what’s wrong with it.

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Functionality issues


you turn your PC, you might access your PC slowly which means that your PC
might load up slowly.

solution to get the PC much faster is by getting a bigger RAM or faster CPU
to speed up performance and that is loads up faster.

can attack your computer if you don’t have security on your computer and they
could be sending over through emails or downloading application.

get rid of a virus you need to buy and install an Anti-Virus to delete any
virus that is on the computer so that the virus is destroyed. Also you can
upgrade your Anti-Virus if you already had a previous version.

one is having access to the internet and if you can’t access it then it means
that it is either the cable have fallen out, not plugged in properly or
problem with the router.

solution is to have the network connected to the computer and also the
Ethernet cable connected into the port correctly.

your memory is low then it can cause of data loss and can limit you from a
number of downloads on your computer.

solution is by replacing your hard drive or RAM, so you can download more
applications, documents and many more. Also if you back up your data then you
can restore on the new hard drive.

you start up your computer and it starts to beep 2 to 3 times then it is not
working and that something is disconnected or loose. And if it beeps 1 time
then it’s all okay.

fix the issue you need to be able to see if the RAM is loose or not fitted
properly and if you push down, then you have to reboot the computer to get it
started. If it isn’t that then you need to see if all the ribbon cables are

the operating system, which is the hard drive, is not connected properly then
the monitor would show some text saying ‘error’

fix this you need to be able to connect the ribbon cable into the hard drive
and onto the motherboard. After that reboot your computer and see if it goes
away and starts to log on.

you don’t connect your power supply then the mother board and the monitor
would not turn on.

fix this you need to have a power supply so that it can supply power for the
motherboard and the monitor.

audio means that your speaker or headphones have not been plugged into the
port properly.

fix this your sound card should be placed into the motherboard properly and
if all the wires are connected in properly. Then check if your sound drivers

a computer overheats it means that it is going to function in a lower
performance or it might shut down.

stop it from overheating you need to clear of all the dust so that it doesn’t
fall into the component.

A computer needs to be functioned properly so that other
people can use it to access information and input data on to it. Sometimes we
know a computer cannot be 100% reliable since it can break in a few months or
years. The reason for the breaking is basically because of the components like
RAM needs to be changed or maybe placed incorrectly in the motherboard which
functions the computer


There are many security risks when
you are using a computer such as virus, ransomware, spyware and malware. Also
there are other people that try to hack into your computer without your
permission. There are Black hat hackers, white hat hackers and grey hat
hackers. The Black hat hackers are the bad one who try and get money out of
black mailing companies and individual. The White hat hackers are the good
hackers that wok for a businesses to stop other hackers from gaining access to
their servers. And the last one is Grey hat hackers who are a group of hackers that help
businesses such as PayPal by hacking into system without permission but letting
them know that they have accessed their system and making sure they upgrade it.

So there are so many Viruses but I am going to point out 4 of
the main ones:

Ransomware – A Ransomware is a new term for a malware but
when it is installed into a computer your whole files will be unreadable so you
can’t access it or know what it is but you can retrieve back the data until you
pay the hacker the ransom. Also it can be delivered to by a virus or by a worm
and there wouldn’t be any hope to retrieve your data back even if you paid the
hacker. A Ransomware is just basically software which blocks you from accessing
your computer.

Virus –A Virus is really dangerous and it is really hard to
retrieve your date back. So a virus is created by a piece of code which can be
able to copy and may affect the computer to corrupt the system and destroy the
data. A virus is unpredictable so you might not know if you’re downloading a
virus but after it is completed then your computer logs of and will never turn
on. This is really going to damage your computer so the only way to not get a
virus is by not downloading random application or websites

Worms – A worm is basically all alone malware in a computer
programme that replicates itself in order to spread to other computers. This is
really dangerous because it produces by itself which means that it could spread
by one computer to another computer. If there are portable storage devices like
USB or removable hard drive then it will travel through that and from that it
will go into another computer.

Spyware – A spyware is a malware that steals your data and
may be used to spy on you and by your webcam or microphone without your
knowledge. This is basically software that lets users obtain, convert and
inform about another’s computer activities. Hackers have the access to the
webcam and microphone to computers.

Since computers are getting upgraded, the security on the
website is increasing since a lot of people can find other people’s IP address.
But nowadays the IP address in private so no one else can find out but that
doesn’t change the fact with virus. A virus is really bad on a computer and
people are trying to come up with a way to block sites that have virus.