Week report. They are different because one believed in

Week 2: Ethical Dilemma AnalysisEthical Dilemma 2: An airline pilot receives his regular medical checkup. The doctor discovers that he has developed a heart murmur. The pilot only has a month to go before he is eligible for retirement. The doctor knows this and wonders whether, under these unusual circumstances, she is justified in withholding information from the company regarding the pilot’s condition.This is a case where Obligation conflicts with Ethic and Moral value. I come up with similar observations and theories. We concluded that dilemma #2 is most problematic because lives are at stake. I agreed that it is Wrong vs right. I also concluded that Augustine would hide while Aquinas would report. They are different because one believed in gods will whereas the one other uses balance religion and reason. One knew what was at stake while the other believed in gods will and power. So the doctor has an obligation to be truthful and to report his/her findings to the patient’s employer.  What would happen if the doctor action was (withholding information) leaked out to the employer?  Just one instance of the doctor dishonesty can place his/her job in jeopardy.  Here is another question to consider, the doctor’s oat is, first is to save the life of the patient and they (doctors) to be truthful on their reports to the employers.  Even though this only happened once, do you think the employer will think “Oh well it ‘only happened once” no most likely the employer would have lost their trust in the doctor?  If withholding the patient’s report causes an accident due to the pilot health, the airline will eat up the cost of litigations against the theme employer.In Augustine theories and what he believed in was that he believed in using reason (which for him included logic, history, and natural sciences) in which was beneficial to illuminating the Christian faith, he also believed that using these avenues in order to do so was only necessary if one was not a Christian. He believed that a Christian did not have to take such recourse to philosophy (reason) because he felt faith was superior to reason in terms of belief in God. He believed an intellectual investigation of faith should be understood as files quaerens intellectum, or faith seeking understanding. Augustine held that faith was to come first, especially if reason should contradict scripture. In such a case, he regarded the Church, rather than the individual believer, as having the final authority to say what “reason” could be used in one’s personal inquiry into their faith.Saint Thomas Aquinas took a fairly different stance on the faith and reason dichotomy. He did not make as clear a distinction between faith and reason, as Augustine did, but did believe that all creation and truth is emanated from God. Aquinas did not believe that reason and faith conflicted, though there are truths that reason cannot attain that faith can. Aquinas called this idea a “two-fold truth”. He held that something can be true of faith, false or inconclusive in philosophy, but never the other way around. This idea supports the idea that while reason can lead one to a greater understanding of the world, it cannot lead to the attainment of the higher truths that faith can.(Augustine v. Aquinas. (2013, July 23). from https://atanystreetcorner.wordpress.com/2013/07/23/augustine-v-aquinas/)So what I decided and agreed on was that Augustine would want everyone to have faith that gods will be done in the case of the pilot. He may not want the Doctor to report for he will do his (god) job if that is what is supposed to happen. However, as for Aquinas, he would take into consideration the many lives at stake and want the doctor to report due to his beliefs and what he thinks is right. The question now is, is it a matter of ethics and if the doctor will do the right thing and report? We all agreed that this is a matter of ethics and the doctor will do the right thing in his role as a Doctor due to the HIPPA law. Things can be different if you think about the consequences of one’s actions. Ethics and morale are different with everyone as for Doctors. Doctors have high moral values at least the majority of the doctors however the high morale that these doctors most of the time conflict with their obligation.Here is something I found online that I enjoyed reading, (Ruggiero V.R, 2012) “Sometimes a single obligation will be present in a moral situation.  But often two or more will be present, and many times they will conflict.  In such cases, the challenge to choose wisely among them.” Vincent Ryan Ruggiero, Thinking Critically about Ethical Issues”, 8th edition, (McGraw Hill, 2008), 101