Water, good exercise and significant part in hydration. To

Water, a great item in life, everyone love water, humans, animals, and plants all love water. Water is a very important aspect for our bodies whether it’s for drinking or playing in,  it’s still very important on a day to day basis.One reason,  water is important  because it’s a good exercise and  significant part in hydration. To explain further doing laps in a pool or doing synchronized swimming is very good for your body. Have you ever heard of Michael Phelps or Tracie Ruiz, well if you haven’t they are both famous olympic swimmers  famous swimmers. Michael Phelps has won 28 metals including 2 bronze, 3 silver, and 23 gold medals in lap swimming. He has also raced a Great White Shark and almost won. Tracie Ruiz was a famous synchronized swimmer she has won 2 gold medals and 1 silver medal. With all these gold medals they need water to keep them and their bodies healthy and hydrated. Another reason is  you can have so much fun playing in the water. To clarify, you can swim or play with water balloons. One beautiful summer day, me and my brothers were bored so we grabbed the water balloons that we got for Easter and filed em up and then… BOOM!!!!!!! I got hit strait in the back, I turn to that my best friend was the one who hit me. Since she was still in her clothes so I ran up to her and gave her a big huge hug. She got mad at me and then my brother came up and sprayed us both with the freezing cold hose water so I took a water balloon and threw it at his face but I missed and he dropped the hose so I went and picked it up and sprayed it back at him. Then, the ice cream truck came and we all got ice cream and had a great time even though I was freezing cold. So on one hand, I was freezing. But on the other hand, I was having the time of my life.The final reason is water can be used for transportation. To make this more clear some people use by boat, or even by jet ski. A long long long time ago people that were light skinned would bargain with tribes that have overpowered other tribes and would give them black people in return for something else. They would take all these darker skinned people and put then on big boat and most of them were naked and on chained together and most of them would get sick or die. After they got back on the ships they would sell them for money like they were animals and not humans just like a lighter skinned person.Everyone needs water in life for almost everything because it’s the most important  thing in life when doing whatever. Whenever you using water always remember how important it is in life.