Virgin enjoyable, unique and entertaining and socially responsible experience

Virgin In Ireland


To date Virgin
Media Ireland’s rollout has been extremely successful with the company posting
an increase in its television customers in the third quarter of 2017 –800
television subscribers added, bringing its total to 297,300 (The Irish Times)1.Similar
increases have been posted in subscriber numbers across broadband and telephone

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We propose
that Virgin Media Ireland sponsors the premium event for our target audience in
Dublin – the Taste of Dublin festival.


The ‘Taste of Virgin’ will be a high profile form of
sponsorship which will celebrate the successes and opportunities of Virgin’s
rollout so far and Virgin’s on-going 
commitment to improving television, broadband and telephone services all
over Ireland.


The event
will be a high profile, high tech and 
high appeal and will encompass the company values of ‘Insatiable
Curiosity, Heartfelt Service, Delightfully Surprising, Red Hot, Smart
Disruption and Straight Up’.





The objectives of the event are:


1. To further raise the profile of Virgin
Media in Ireland through increased brand presence, media coverage and  social media following within a target


2. To drive product sales
(subscriptions) in Ireland and strengthen pre-existing client relationships


3. To provide an enjoyable, unique
and entertaining and socially responsible experience which promotes Virgin as a
progressive and ground breaking company and so enhances public perception













The Taste Festival


Taste of
Dublin is an internationally recognised festival which targets an ABC1 audience
which was launched in 2006.  Running for 4
days over 14 – 17 June 2018, it is situated in Iveagh Gardens, central Dublin, it
is expected that over 35,000 people will attend to enjoy food, drink and
entertainment. There is a strong international dimension to the festival with
the 2017 theme being ‘Flavours of the World’ however it is firmly rooted in celebrating
Irish produce and businesses with local chefs, restaurants, producers and
distilleries providing demonstrations, talks and tastings.


well-known festival provides consumer and trade opportunities for small artisan
producers right through to large household brands. Previous sponsors have been
Electrolux, Chill Insurance, Bank of Ireland, Tesco and FloGas.


By 2015,
2000 restaurants had showcased, 250000 people had attended (50000 children),
400000 glasses of Prosecco poured and 1 million sample dishes eaten2.
(, 2015).


The Taste of Dublin Audience


The target
audience is an ABC1 audience between 30 and 45 (48% male: 52% female3
(, no date). They are managers, lawyers and
professionals. Some are married couples with young families (who will also
attend the festival – 1/5 of guests in 2017 were children). They are diverse
and cosmopolitan; they enjoy travel and eating out regularly but they lead busy
lives so this relaxation time is important to them. They have travelled and are
open to new experiences. They have a healthy amount of  disposable income and are willing to pay for
high quality produce. They are discerning and knowledgeable about food and drink.
They care about food, its source and story and they enjoy cooking, creating and
exploring new tastes.


They live in
the city centre and commuter belts and take pride in their homes. They are
independent and enjoy various activities such as sport (rugby, pilates, yoga,
gym), socialising, health and well-being, holidays, fashion, TV (men more than
women), Netflix and cinema.


They like to
visit restaurants and wine bars, sporting events, museums and exhibitions, and attend
high end concerts and festivals. They read the Irish Times (78% of readers
across print and online are ABC1 social class and 181,000 regular visitors use the internet regularly for social networking4)
and Irish Independent (mainly online) and listen to RTE 1, RTE 2 and Newstalk. According
to the JNLR Report 2017, ‘on an average day ‘83% of  age 15-34 Irish radio listeners tune in – 34%
listen to Radio 1, 6% to Radio 2 and 14% to Newstalk. In the 35+ age group the
results are similar with 28% tuning into RTE 1, 5% RTE 2 and 6.8% Newstalk’. 5



Social Media


According to
a survey conducted by,  the
two must popular modes of social media for our target audience are Facebook and



87% (2,4 million) Irish consumers log on each day70% of Irish businesses are on FacebookThe main demographic is 35-34 year olds



700,000 Irish consumers use Twitter1 million tweets are sent per dayThe main demographic is 15-24 year olds26% of Irish people over 15 use Twitter92% of Irish journalists use Twitter every day



24% of irish consumers use LinkedIn18% of Irish consumers use Instagram (43% of these every day) 6


What does the Taste of Dublin
guest want?


Quality products – good food and drinkTheir children to be entertained To relax and to be well looked afterTo be able to share their experience with others/via social mediaSomething different


Key Benefits
of sponsorship:

ExposureReach an unrivalled AB foodie audienceLead generationIncrease business relations and generate sales opportunitiesBrand positioning


Why should Virgin be at Taste?


The event
will appeal to the Taste of Dublin guest because it combines their love of good
quality food, drink and produce with a unique and enjoyable experience. This
event offers them the opportunity to relax and enjoy these while their children
are entertained and busy (but in a safe environment). The atmosphere will be
relaxed and high class. Guests will feel will attended to with table service
readily available. Staff will be trained to be extremely attentive and to make
the guests feel valued and respected.


will be pitched at the ABC1 audience who enjoy fashion, entertainment and sport
with speakers such as Pippa O’Connor, Lucy Kennedy, Brian O’Driscoll and music
style will be jazz and easy listening music with livelier acts at the evening


This is a
key opportunity for Virgin Media to show this target audience that Virgin Media
offers a high quality service in everything it does and to encourage this
demographic to try new experiences through technology. This concept allows the
client to demonstrate, in a practical sense, the key values of the company:


Curiosity – new experiences in the virtual reality pods, drinks and food
offering, silent disco; ‘Have a Try’ food for children

Service – staff will be well trained, children entertained allowing parents to

Surprising – technology, wristbands, new experiences

Red Hot –
new technology, branding,

Disruption – Silent disco,

Straight Up

Referring back to the social
media data from 2017, the numbers demonstrate that this is a key opportunity to
enhance company profile amongst a key demographic.


Taste of Virgin 2018


The event will
take place over four days 14-17th June 2018. This is an ideal time for this
event when guests will be looking forward to summer holidays and will be
looking for a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Like a
restaurant, Taste of Dublin sessions are divided into lunch and dinner
services, of which there are 8 over 4 days:

Thursday 14th June 12:00 – 4:00 & 5:30
– 10:30

Friday 15th June 12:00 – 4:00 & 5:30 –

Saturday 16th June 12:00 – 4:00 & 5:30
– 10:30

Sunday 17th June 12:00 – 4:00 & 5:30 –


The afternoon session will attract higher
numbers of families with children while the evening sessions will offer a
higher proportion of adults. The Taste of Virgin experience will be tailored to
cater for both.

Virgin Media
will be the main sponsor and will host Taste of Virgin in the main Virgin Media
complex area of the festival. The Virgin Media complex, which will be set us as
a high tech lounge, aims to allow
the target audience to enjoy a progressive and unique food and entertainment


Guests who
have booked tickets in advance of the festival will have been sent a red Virgin
Media branded RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) bands whilst last minute
ticket purchasers will collect these on entrance. These bands will
automatically check guests into the Taste of Virgin complex and enable guests to
check in a different points throughout the experience. Guests will have
registered using an email address (when purchasing tickets) which can then be
used for marketing purposes and data gathering and will have been encouraged to
download the event app. There will be adult wrist bands and children’s
wristbands to coordinate with age appropriate events. Guests will be able to
keep track of drinks, food and activities through the app. An interactive map
of the area will appear on the app and parents will be able to track their
children via their wristbands. Guests will be allocated one free drink on each
wristband but will then be able to top up their wristbands via the app on their
mobile phones. For those who do not wish to use the app, the Taste of Dublin currency
of Florins will also be accepted.



Set up and Layout


Outside the
marquee area will be Virgin Media signage, a multimedia screen showing content
from the events inside to attract guests’ attention and brand ambassadors will
be there to greet and welcome guests. Signage will be in the company’s
signature red and the hashtag #TasteofVirgin
will be positioned prominently throughout the area.


Although the
event is late June, in Ireland the weather can be unpredictable. The large
marquee (see visuals on page 9) will be open
sided so that the atmosphere is light and airy/ garden party style but with the
added option to close down the sides in inclement weather.


On entry, to
the right will be a self pour (see The WOW Factor –
page 13 ) bar and tapas bar style area with an open kitchen. The tapas
will be on a conveyer belt (sushi style) so that guest can select after
scanning the RFID band.  (see pic) Behind
which will rest a large multimedia screen. There will be round cocktail style
tables and pods scattered in front of the bar. In front of these will be several
smaller child friendly tables. Outdoor seating will also be situated to the far
side of the bar area. Guests will be able to sample wine and beers from all
over the world through the bands and post pictures on social media tagging
#TasteofVirgin. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook will run on the large screens
and guest posts will appear on the screens in real time. Tapas style food will
be available with dishes from a range of countries and again one dish will be
free with a photograph tweet or post.


Further to
the right hand corner will be a separate ‘Not So Virgin Cocktail Bar’ where
Andy Ferriara, winner of Best Bartender 2017 at the Irish Craft Cocktail
Awards, will run cocktail making master classes at various times throughout the
programme. The RFID bands will enable guest to easily check in and
automatically post to social media.


At the far
end of the marquee, a stage will be situated with various musical acts and
speakers. There will be a large multimedia screen behind the stage. Tweets and
posts will appear on the screen throughout the event.


Large Virgin
Media branded red beanbag sofas will be scattered throughout the main area so
that people can relax and soak up the experience. Headphones will be available
so that guests can relax, listen to music and enjoy the food and drink on offer
without disruption.


Along the
left hand side will be six Virtual Reality pods with two Virgin staff members
at each. Signage will state “Virtually Virgin” Each pod will seat up to six
people so that friends/families can go in together.  Guests will be able to scan their wristband
and experience a Virgin journey / sports match etc. by wearing the VR headset.
In the afternoon sessions, three of the pods will be for children only and
again, they will scan their wristband for entry to the pod. This will mean that
numbers are controlled. Following their experience in the VR pod guests will be
encouraged record their thoughts in the Virgin Video Booth. Sound bites can
then be played between entertainment and speakers on the stage on the the
screens situated in the Virgin area and across the Taste of Dublin festival.


In the
centre left between the pods will be a ‘Kids’ Virgin Cocktail Bar’ which will
run a children’s class in creating fun drinks/smoothies/non-alcoholic cocktails
and snacks. Because of the layout, parents will be able to see where their
children are at all times.  This will be
run by chefs from the Kids Cook Cookery School ( in Clonee. RFID bands will be able to monitor footfall and keep
track of where guests are which will mean children are easily located.



Chefs from partners will prepare tapas/mini dishes
from various countries such as Spain, Germany, USA, South America and India. They
are a partner company already taking part in the festival which will reduce
catering costs. Following this guests will be able  select choices after scanning the pre cash
loaded RFID band. Guests will also be able to access their favourite recipes
through the app. and to rate the dishes they have tried. Pictures posted will
appear on the screens.

Children’s tapas will also be available
to order in the same way with offerings such as mini fish and chips, sliders,
pizza slices and ‘have a try’ dishes of mild curry, chilli, paella and others.
There will be interactive touch screen ipads at the children’s food station
which will allow them to rate the dishes they have tried.

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collaboration with the Virgin Media Sustainability team the following will be


drinks bottles will not be availableEcocups will be used – these will be
branded with the TasteOfVirgin logo.  The
customer pays €1 for a cup. This can be replaced with a clean cup/glass at any
time. Water points will be available for drinking water and to refill cups.



will be available in bulk packaging rather than individual sachets.


will be donated to local children’s hospitals and facilities after the event.


options will be examined and eco power systems will be in place.


food will be donated to
to be redistributed.