Urban who are poorly paid usually enter into a

crimes are a profound concern for the youths and every government. Crime
generally increases the security of a given neighborhood. It inflicts fear to
the residents and disrupts the daily activities which contributes to the
economy of the country. Future of the community is at risk with the changing
trend whereby majority of the crimes are nowadays executed by youths. Promising
Youths who are deemed energetic and of great role in contributing to the
economy of the country have poached into organize group of gangs who have
caused a menace to the people living in urban centers.

rate in Nairobi has been increasing over the few years despite a drop-in crime
rate nationally. Organized criminal gangs have been created especially in the
informal set-ups such as Eastlands and Kibera. Some of the renown groups
include Gaza which operate in areas of Kayole, Dandora, Saika, Donholm and
Umoja; A survey released in June 2016 revealed that at least 17 per of the
residents in Nairobi have been victims of crime. More than half of the victims
reported the matter to the police while 54 percent did not report the matter
citing the police being inefficient and corrupt (Oywer, 2016).

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youth who have been involved in crime have been arrested and some gunned down (Muema, 2017). Juvenile
delinquency is growing at an alarming rate and is a worrying trend which the
policy makers need to act on as soon as possible.

survey of inmates in 2003 in state prisons in Kenya showed a very low level of
education. Due to their poor educational backgrounds these inmates were subject
to long periods of unemployment and low income me jobs. Individuals who are
poorly paid usually enter into a life of crime, because of the prospect of
profitable criminal activities that will enable them provide for their basic
needs (Wanjohi, 2012)

Crime induces fear to people, neighborhood and business.
It hinders the way people carry out their duties and denies people the freedom
of association. Educations plays a key role in eliminating criminality every
society. The Kenya government need to ensure that every child is provided with
quality and equity education.  Parents
need to ensure that they provide guidance and care to their child and in
addition ensure that their children go to school. Youth should be engage in
other work or recreational activities during their idle time to ensure that
they are not influence by peer groups to engaging in criminal activities. There
is need to develop and improve technical institutions to ensure that those who
do not qualify to direct entry to universities are train. Finally, the
community should be in the forefront in helping the government to ensure that
their children are brought up in the right way for the good of the future,
society and country.


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