UPS online from their website Technologies used by UPS

UPS stands for United Parcel


Inputs: It includes Scannable
barcode which contains shipping information of:

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Packaged labels

Packaged delivery progress which sent to main system.


Processing: As per data
collected by inputs, UPS can easily monitor and reroute packages automatically.
It takes less than 60 seconds from when
driver check-in package location on DIAD (Delivery Info. Acquisition Device)
for customer to see it.


Outputs: Efficient deliveries in
terms of:

Time saved per delivery

Costs saved per delivery

Customers can quickly track their packages online from their


Technologies used by UPS

DIAD (Delivery Info. Acquisition Device)

Software for creating efficient delivery routes

Label scanner, download, and print software

Automated package tracking system

UPS mobile application for smart phones basically for both
platforms (Android & IOS)

Cisco system with tools for UPS customers to make shipment tracking
and cost calculations.

Web based post sales order management system.





How are these related to UPS’s business

mentioned are related to UPS business strategy because it improves efficiency
and time management & it ensures maximum flexibility in business operation.
It also solves timing problems as driver can receive urgent delivery notifications.
In case delivery has sent to wrong address then you will be automatically
notified. With this type of technology UPS is able to fulfill its strategy which
is to provide the best service at lower rates. The technology in UPS not only
enable customer to track his/her package but also enables the data to flow
smoothly throughout the UPS network.


The UPS is guided by four
transformative strategies

Deploying technology-enabled operations.

Providing unique and industry-specific customer solutions.

Expanding our global network.

Serving the needs of end consumers around the world.


What Strategic business
objectives do UPS’s information Systems address?

The strategic
business objective that UPS information system address provided the best customer
services to the customers. Every year UPS spend more than $1 billion to
maintain highlevel of customer services.UPS also focus on improve the
efficiency of the performance. UPS invest and use a lot of system software to
increase the company performance. UPS using this system to monitor and reroute
package by the delivery process. The UPS can always improve operational
efficiency. UPS was keeping costs low to compete with competitors like FedEx. By using information
system in UPS, it can reduce cost of operation.



FedEx are two leading delivery services companies and main competitors to each
other, at least in the public eye. These two companies are actually quite
different in their business
models and
strategies. UPS is mostly known for its domestic ground package delivery &
FedEx is recognized for its worldwide air express freight. The two companies
also differ in terms of their approaches to serving customers, how they have
fared in the e-commerce environment and the different business structures
unique to each company.

services provided by UPS such as:

business cards


postcards or posters

Large run

solutions across towns, country or across the world, The UPS Canada has
solutions for international and domestic shipping. All service packing are
available in store & packaging supplies and moving boxes. It is copying and
online printing solutions, packing and shipping solutions, or mailbox services,
you can get it all done at your neighborhood The UPS Store location.

UPS’s overall strategic aim is

-Deliver the best
service at the lowest rates.

business objectives normally involve:-

Saving cost

To improve service quality

Increasing level of output


What would happen if UPS’s
information systems were not available?


information systems were not available then it will face some problems. The
process of providing information to customer will become slow. The customer
cannot receive theinformation rapidly.The operation of UPS will also become
slow. Because UPS is using technology and information tomonitor and control the
operation when information system does not available, it will effect tothe
operation of the organization.



The other difficulties will
occur such as:

• All round
costs will increase.

• Customer
loyalty will decrease due to inefficient deliveries.

• Their
company image will get ruined.

• UPS offices
will be extremely crowded with impatient customers.

• They will
lose their customers by their competitors.  

• Decreased productivity
of staff and employees. (Example: traffic situations.)

• Overpowered
by competitors such as FedEx, DHL who are starting to employ innovation and
different information technologies.



UPS aim at “best service and lowest
rates”. Its
information Technologies have a direct relationship to its efficiency. We
understand efficiency to be the least input for the most output level. A lot of
cost is saved through its fast information technology system. Its usage improves
their company image. And the speed improves customer loyalty.