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Today government faces many political issues. One of them is Immigration. Immigration has been a political problem. Every day we have people entering the United States illegally. Seeking for a better life and future for both themselves and their families, and creating the opportunity for a better education for their kids.  Immigration has existed for many years, not just for Mexico but for South America and other countries. Many people immigrate to the United States for many different reasons such as, social, economical, and even war and having the need to work. People think of  immigrants as drug dealers, rapist, and are harmful people but, all they want is to work and have a better life. But little did they know that they made the hardest decision of their lives coming to the United States. In 1986, Congress tried to fix immigration, and had a reform for this it was called the “Immigration Reform and Control Act” or also known as the “Simpson- Mazzoli Act”. It was passed and signed on November 6,1986. The purpose of the reform was to amend, revise, and reform the status of unauthorized immigrants. This reform had two major parts. First there was the “amnesty” portion, which meant that any immigrant who had already lived in the United States since 1982 became eligible for temporary legal status, after paying a $185 fee and demonstrating good behavior. After 18 months, they could then have a green card, provided they learned English.Second there was a “enforcement bit”. This law secured  U.S.-Mexico border against illegal crossing with and a bigger staff. But there was just one problem, it didn’t  quite work. The law was supposed to stop illegal crossing into the United States forever. The number of immigrants living in the United States is estimated to go from 5 million in 1986 to 11.1 million today.  Many immigrants took advantage of the amnesty. The law awarded green cards to about 2.7 million immigrants. It was the legalization program in the U.S. history. But it still left 2 million without a green card. Many of those people didn’t qualify for a legal status because they arrived in the United States after 1982. Many of the people simply didn’t know about the amnesty and how it worked.   Immigrants make up 13 percent of the U.S population.  There are about 321 million people according to the 2015 data. Immigrants and their U.S born children make up about 27 percent in U.S inhabitants.  In 2016 the United States granted more than 180,000 visas for high skilled workers, also known as the H1B, and more than 200,000 visas for temporary workers in agriculture and other industries. The H1B visas are capped at 85,000 per year, with certain fields.  Only 72 percent of Americans consider immigration a good thing for the United States. They consider it a good thing because they will work all the jobs available that some Americans don’t want to do,  for example working with crops and fields. They are not taking any jobs from people like some may think. Republicans support  a path to citizenship (76 percent) more than they support a proposed border wall (62 percent). In the recent years, President Barack Obama took several actions to provide temporary legal relief to many undocumented immigrants. In 2012,  a plan created by Obama, known as (DACA) Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. This offered renewable, two-year deportation and work permit to undocumented immigrants who got brought to the United States as a child and had no criminal record giving them the chance to live,study and to work legally. Nearly eight hundred people took advantage of  DACA when it was given. DACA is a program that has benefited thousands of young men and women who only serve and be part of our country. In September, Donald J. Trump announced he was canceling DACA. DACA should of never be removed because now the dreams of many students will not become true because they no longer can study or work. They even trusted the Federal Government and provided their personal information like fingerprints and addresses. Many are fearing for a deportation, and also fear nothing else to be done for them. In my opinion about immigration in general is that they may have their reason to coming to the United States and wanting a better life.They are here to work and give their children a better life. For example all the kids who are brought to the United States illegally from Mexico or other countries and grow here they consider the U.S their home because that is the only place they know and have lived in. Many of these young people are not guilty of their parents choice coming to the U.S. After all U.S born citizens or not we all are people. The immigrants are here to take jobs available and not to take other people’s jobs.