Today, and above all, how advertising and addictive combine

Today, fast food has turned out to be a massive
part of many American’s lives. Since the numbers of obese people have been
increasing lately, it is difficult to believe that there is no connection
between fast food and obesity. Most of obese people don’t want to be obese and
they prefer to lose weight, but at the same time, they still struggling with
their fast food intake and obesity. This is because of the advertisements which
have been offered to fast food consumers, the profoundly addictive food itself,
and above all, how advertising and addictive combine with children to come up
with new habits which are kept once they become adults. These factors are
motives display that fast food restaurants are the responsible for rising
health risks and obesity all over America. The government should step in and
develop new guidelines that would prevent fast food restaurants from taking
advantage of people’s weaknesses.

Before talking about the reason why fast food
companies are accountable for people over consuming their food, it first must
to be confirmed that fast food is in reality the primary issue inflicting the
present obesity in America.  It is known
to many people that the number of fast food restaurants has deeply extended in
America in the past few decades, but it is difficult to figure by how much
because of the lack of historical records. Also, difficult whether or not to
classify certain restaurants as fast food. Although, a good way in conformity
with getting a feel about the development of the fast food industry is to look
at McDonald’s, which has been the most popular fast food chain in America for
decades. The 1,000th McDonald’s American Restaurant was opened in 1986. In
2011, this number has increased to 13,800 (McDonald’s 1), which truly indicates
how much more people are eating fast food compared to the past. Consider the
development of almost fourteen times inside the numbers of McDonald’s restaurants,
with the numbers of obese people between the ages of 20 and 74 over a
comparable period. In the era between 1960-62 and 2005-06, the number of obese
people in America has almost tripled from 13.4% to 35.1% (Weight-control
Information Network 2). These two intense upward traits would make a resounding
case that the extra food intake has caused the hike in the average of obesity,
and it might be a good indication, but it is far away from proof. Too many
things have changed over the years, from the way the normal American
activities, to the types of different foods which people are consuming.

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To figure out for sure if fast food was the immediate cause for obesity,
the best way would be to do a statistical research on two groups of people with
similar specifications, such as wealth, age, time period, and location. The
only difference would be the quantity of fast food that each group eats. This
would be extremely hard to do, especially for large groups that include huge
numbers of people. However, a group of people at the National Bureau of
Economic Research could do an excellent study on the obesity rates of 3 million
students and their proximity to fast food restaurants over a period of 8 years.
They contrasted 9th graders who ran to school within a tenth of a mile of a
fast food restaurant and 9th graders who didn’t. They went through great
measures to ensure that everything else other than their nearness to fast food
restaurants was equal. The results of the data are quite astonishing as
econometric statistical evaluation proves that the students that went to school
within a tenth of a mile of a fast food restaurant were at least 5.2% more
likely to become obese (Currie et al. 2). This is extreme considering that the
more obese students aren’t all eating more fast food than the healthier group;
they just have a fast food restaurant within walking distance from their high
school and are more likely to grab their lunch from that restaurant. With the
two groups of 9th-grade students’ lives being equal besides the small addition
that is their school’s proximity to a fast food restaurant, it is safe to say
that the 5.2% increase in obesity is caused by that fast food restaurant. Going
a step further, it can be said with reasonable certainty that if more people
consume more fast food, then obesity numbers will increase more and more.