To their options or follow their gut feeling. However,

To aid decision making at real time, business intelligent
tool have become very essential to the day to day running of business in the
modern world. Managers no longer have to wait for days or week before making
business decisions. Organization with big data flowing from various source now
deploy data integration to help business initiative which help the organization
to analyze diverse customer segment such as the retailer, wholesaler and the
mega distributors. However, this can be very challenging, and it is very vital
for the organization to know how to go about it. The most critical part is to
be sure if there is urgent need for the system to be put in place followed by
the process pattern and understanding the organization requirement.  

Although implementing such system can be costly, time consuming
and mostly complex, their benefit is always worth the stress. Below are a
highlight of what the system hopes to accomplish when fully implemented:

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a.      Making fact base decision at real time: The huge volume of data obtained
from various source are analyzed to make data based decision rather than
assumption within minute.

b.      Improve efficiency: The efficiency of sales data analyst
is often reduced due to the tedious process of merging data from various source
and application. This data integration system takes care of such data merging process
thereby making the analyst do less and focused on making business decision.

c.       Identify new opportunities: Sales trend of customers are
adequately analyzed to see the strength, weakness and market share in comparison
with competitors.

The complexity and huge capital investment of this project
require that the leaders must be directly involved in working with the vendor’s,
identifying and selecting the right interface medium and ensuring data security
to bring a successful implementation of the data driven system.    

As a leader, making decision in an organization can often
look like a gamble, managers are expected to pick their options or follow their
gut feeling. However, neither of this should be the basis of a business plan. Business
intelligent system gives you the opportunity to make fact based decision at
real time which should be our aim when leading in any organization.