To potential fragility and menace have been turned into


To conclude, the investigation of tourism in Dubai, the city demonstrates how a limited and somewhat a remote country with little natural attractions can become a worldly reputed tourist attraction hub. In Dubai, potential fragility and menace have been turned into strengths and opportunities. Hot weather and ugly desert landscape which was the daily life of people living in the UAE, 50 years ago have been modified to fulfil the modern requirement of tourism.


Technology has allowed the tourism industry to overcome regardless of the severe weather conditions and some other geographic obstacles. Economic welfare has administered the necessary funds to support the growth of the infrastructure at which the tourism industry is boosted. This fund has helped to a have rapid growth of the air transport, modern railway lines and well-developed communication infrastructure. The opulent Metropole built on economic wealth is a common attraction for tourists. All these features have been subtly promoted in such a way that they have been capable of enchanting visitors from around the world to this city which was until the recent years unknown to the world. All of this has been done even with the general points of view that people have to the Middle East. All the fears of the individuals are converging to the fact that the middle east is an unsafe place not suitable for visitors and investors. Dubai has made considerably remarkable progress in negotiating the limitations that have for a long time harmed the advances of tourism in the Middle East region and in beyond areas. The accomplishment in Dubai is of significance to not only the rest of the Country but also other tourist spots which desire to attain the worldly recognition.

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Nevertheless, tourism progresses in Dubai is still of actuality and various investigations are being done to keep an eye on the Dubai’s tourism growth. Relevant lessons can then be acquired from the experience between Dubai and tourism. The pertinence of its model can be evaluated to find out their appropriateness in the context of other upcoming tourist spots. The results of this will undoubtedly provide increased knowledge and understanding of the tourism industry which has largely been ignored in the Middle East due to misinterpretation. However, the Dubai tourism can be quickly impacted by external factors such as terrorism. For terrorist groups, Dubai is the ally of the western countries and therefore considered as the enemy. Such attacks would have considerable repercussions on the growth of tourism. Hence the fact that the country is investing heavily in new technologies for the police and the army in order to avoid this kind of disaster. One other factor is the instability of the region, the different political points of views in the Middle East is leading to political turmoil in countries such as Syria, Iraq, Egypt and Afghanistan and have reportedly overflow to neighbouring countries, and Dubai is never safe to these. Nevertheless, these are just catastrophe scenarios, the growth in Dubai is expecting to be constant at least for the ten coming years.