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Title of newspaper: THE TORONTO RED GIANT (futuristic Toronto Star??) **because red giants are the next stage in the life cycle of a star**ARTICLE TITLE: Photos of the Obsidian Hacker ReleasedBy: Ray BradburyTORONTO, ON — Last week the Toronto police received an envelope from an anonymous sender. The sender claimed to be in possession of three photographs featuring the infamous international criminal only known as: ‘The Obsidian Hacker’. Another name the hacker goes by is ‘Kasia’ which is used as a signature whenever they post online. In response, the United Nations released a statement saying that Kasia’s hacking into various countries’ most secure and private databases is dangerous. “The spreading of a country’s classified information to the public is a danger for both its citizens and the rest of the world,” said Canadian Prime Minister Jamie Kwon. As of today, the hacker has not responded to the reveal of the photographs. However, they have released a post in response to the United Nations’ statement. Their post reads: “The citizens of a nation rely on their governing body to protect them and be honest with them. And until that is the case, I will continue the publication of information.” The UN has gathered the world’s top composite artists to construct a sketch of what the hacker might currently look like based on the photographs. Many top detectives in their field have spent hours trying to decipher the message that came attached with each photograph — which yield no results. One investigator has stated that the message might not mean anything ‘at all; the photographs may likely not even be of the hacker; or perhaps they are and will provide insight into the case.   Below are the photographs and messages provided by the police from the anonymous sender. Citizens are advised to report anyone who looks similar to these sketches immediately. Police also remind citizens that these sketches are not one hundred percent accurate as the hacker may cut or dye their hair and wear different coloured contacts to remain incognito.Parallel (some underlines might be in a different colour — the same colour as the text but they all mean parallel) SimileMetaphorColonSemicolonDashTricolon sentenceAsyndetonPolysyndetonInverted sentenceClimatic orderInterrupted movementParenthesesSurprising juxtapositionChiasmus Freight-train sentenceBalanced sentenceAntithesisPeriodic sentenceSentence fragmentAlliterationPersonificationInverted sentenceRhetorical QuestionIllustrationAnalogyOnamonpia Climatic orderReversalsHendiadysHyperbolePHOTO 1Kasia is seated on one end of a seesaw. She wears a pair of earrings, plain white shirt, white sweater, pants with a colorful floral pattern, white and pink socks with blue sandals. This is in W?odawa, Poland, during the summer of 2004. Behind her flows the W?odawka River— moving at a snail’s pace. Perhaps the wind had a softer touch that day. Someone behind the camera must be pushing down on the other end as Kasia is in the air. Her grasp tightens on the bright blue handles; holding on like her life depends on it.She swings in a repeated rhythm: up, down-stop, up. Her face scrunches up in either joy or dread. The eyes are closed shut and the mouth is parted open, smiling from ear to ear. Or perhaps her lips are separated in fear. Most likely anticipating a drop down, she leans forward; her shoulders tighten and tense. Her hands snake around the handles as tightly as a corset worn by a women in Victorian times.In the far distance is the town of W?odawa — a small town located in eastern Poland that borders Belarus and Ukraine. Clouds take up most of the sky. Three-year-old Kasia’s shadow looms on her left, colouring the sand a shade darker. Sand in the foreground below Kasia’s feet is covered in footprints; trees in the background behind the river reflect onto the water’s surface. Small tufts of grass appear  here and there around the river’s edge. Grass flourishes in the presence of the trees. PHOTO 2The blue inflatable pool is filled nearly to the top. It stands in the middle of a field that look as if it has not been watered in months. The sun is brutal. Kasia appears to have been scorched by its deadly rays. Her face, slightly red, displays discomfort. Half of a blue and white step ladder stands in the pool. The sky is void of clouds. Towering pine trees —most covered with leaves, few bare— stand behind shorter trees in the background. A white-blue net leans against the pool. It is June— the summer of 2007. Kasia is visiting a friend of the family. She is wearing her blue, white, pink, green one-piece swimsuit. Her hair is drenched and flattened. She steps out of the pool. Left foot climbs up and in front of the right. Drip. Drop. Small puddles of water form on the ladder. // Droplets of water fall onto the ladder. Her head turns to the left (most likely a request from the photographer). Kasia’s expression is one of confusion and uncertainty. Her attempt at a smile looks forced and non genuine. Her hands— dripping wet with water — attempt to grab hold of the step ladder.Click.A photo is taken.  The moment is captured.A memory is preserved.PHOTO  3Niagara Falls 2015.It is winter. Trees in the far back stand tall. Their branches bare. Snow has fallen, it covers the ground in a thin sheet of white. The sky is also white. There is a large grey building with a white roof behind the trees. A short rock formation is located near Kasia Behind her tourists gather with their own devices in hand —phones and camera— to snap photos of the magnificent landscape in front of them. A man with white hair, grey sweater and golden ring on his left hand, holds his phone up horizontally ready to capture this memory.Kasia sports a black toque, black Hollister winter coat with white fur on the inside. The coat is unzipped and a black Guess sweater is found underneath. Kasia wears her square shaped glasses. Her black and blue frames rest on her face snuggly.  Her long hair spills out of the toque and over her shoulders. A few strands of hair fall over her glasses, slightly obscuring her view. With her D3200 Nikon strapped around her neck, and her hand adjusting the lens, she looks ready to take a picture. Her head turns to the left as someone (the photographer) calls her name. A scowl displays on her face. Kasia does not look pleased. Perhaps the photo she was taking was ruined. But she stands still for the photographer anyway.