Through its sales performance, and this has promoted its

Through a set of distinctive visual
elements and unique design language that reflect quality stores, Claudio
Silvestrin helps Giorgio Armani establish its prestige as a renowned fashion
industry in the world. Through his simple yet distinctive design of the retail
space, the architect helps create an outstanding legacy on Armani’s shop. The
unique retail store design and space has helped Armani fashion business to
improve its sales performance, and this has promoted its growth. Claudio uses
sleek and black glass to develop different stores for Armani.  Almost 60% of the stores are made of curved
glass fixtures. These glasses help improve the appearance of the retail space
and create a beautiful view of the different clients. The glass structures are
well crafted and strategically located to help in promoting the display of
products. Furthermore, the glasses are designed uniquely and create a
mind-blowing picture of a person’s mind.

The large windows that cover the
different stores help in showcasing the latest fashions and designer wear.
These windows are transparent to allow other clients who have not visited the
shop to get attracted to the items sold within the store. Furthermore, the
interior of the building is designed with different brands of high-quality
tiles that create a beautiful scene. Beautiful LED lighting is also used within
the fashion store in Italy that helps create a serene environment which may
transform a person’s mood once they access the building. The use of light helps
paint a picture of elegance, beauty, and high-end products.  The different techniques used within the
retail store help give the structure a distinctive appearance.

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positioning of the display stand, clothing racks, changing room, cashier desk
and compartments also help create a unique retail space.  Claudio uses movable furniture in designing
the different retail outlets. These moveable pieces of furniture allow for easy
movement of products within the retail space and help change the arrangement of
the store with ease whenever necessary. Furthermore, these moveable items may
be brought together to form chairs that may be used when hosting an event in
the retail store. Furthermore, the staircases are designed to be multipurpose.
These staircases maybe used to access other layers within the shop or used as
performance or catwalk stage.