Thomas my success. It isn’t that I am extremely

Thomas Carlyle once said,” Nothing stops the man who desires to achieve. Every obstacle is simply a course to develop his achievement muscle. It’s a strengthening of his powers of accomplishment.” I believe that I have developed a huge scope of intelligence while achieving the success that I am holding now. I desire to achieve by working hard and this is the main reason for my success. It isn’t that I am extremely talented or smart, I just work hard.

One of my proudest accomplishment is when I passed the Institute of engineering entrance exam with an impressive result and got admission in a reputed engineering college. Engineering has helped me become committed to learning and exhibit a wide range of knowledge and skills. Which supported me to establish a good insight about computer programming and computer system. Practicing and studying most of my time has increased my intellect and overcoming different obstacles has increased my mental strength. A person will never succeed if he desires but does not work hard. If no effort is given, the person can never succeed. I understood this, and with a lot of practice, I was able to overcome the obstacle at my intermediate level. I feel this helped me improve, and be a better person.

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My second proudest achievement is my volunteering activities. I have been a member of Health and Ambulance Service for over a year now. I volunteered for six months in Care and Fair clinic, which helps poor and needy people with health-related services. Through the completion of my volunteering period, I have increased courage by trying something new and it helped me build a real sense of achievement. It helped me meet people from diverse background and make new friends. It taught me a modest discrepancy could have a real and valuable positive outcome on people and society. In addition, I have been volunteering during my colleges internal programs that helped me learn new skills, gain experience, and challenged to try something different. Moreover, I have been a member of Nepal Scouts from my years back in secondary school.

These two are my noble achievements, which helped me shape into a person I am today. Moreover, I do not only measure achievement from my academic excellence or from my activities. For me, the greatest achievement I have is my family. It is about being with my family and giving them time and the love I get from them is my greatest achievement.

As you can tell, I hold my achievements very proudly. Therefore, I am confident that my accomplishment will benefit me for successfully completing a one-year non-degree program at the Bachelor’s level in the U.S. that would improve my skills and knowledge.