This of a sudden, the star(which is about 100

This article is about a star, a supernova, that exploded.  But it’s still exploding!  It’s been nicknamed the zombie star because it is not dead yet.  It is called “This truly bizarre exploding star might be a zombie of sorts”.  This event happened in 1954, then stopped.  Then all of a sudden, the star(which is about 100 times bigger than our sun) started exploding again.  It had negative energy inside of it, and suddenly, in 2014, the star exploded again.  There is a black hole inside of it since there was negative space.  It took place in a different galaxy.  There was an image with the article: it shows the after effect of the exploded star, with the colors of it taking a long time to travel to our galaxy.  This light took almost 3 years to reach our galaxy because this was so far away.  It was nicknamed a zombie supernova because it isn’t dead yet.  I chose to do my homework article on this because space is really interesting and deep, and the concept of it really interests me.  Also, I saw a headline that had ‘space’ and ‘zombie’ in it, so I new that I just had to do it.  This relates to science because it was trying to solve the issue of what this really was, and the whole point of science is to discover the answers to all of the world’s(and space’s) mysteries.  This was a new one, an odd one, which totally connects to science, physics, and space.  The information is not beneficial to me, but it was kind of entertaining to read because it was totally cool.  I can’t exactly apply this to my personal life, though.  It is important that someone is studying this news because every once in a while, people should get to know things like this, and also because it is an interesting story. Science is a way to connect with people, and this article could do just that because it is just so cool.  You never know, you might just be sitting on the bus, on your phone, and then someone shows this to you, who’s sitting right next to you.  It’s a great way to get to know people.