This fragile. But then she accidentally dropped the book

This book is so far one of my favourite fantasy books because it isn’t like other books with a fairytale in it. I actually taught that I wouldn’t like it because I don’t like many books that are about fairytales but I wanted to try it and it was better than that I had expected. Here is a quick summary of the book:Kat was told to clean out the the attic for the yard sale. When Kat was looking trough an old box she found an old fairytale book. She looks carefully trough it because it was fragile. But then she accidentally dropped the book and it fall apart and she fell from the stairs and passed out.When she woke up se was in a different room, she was transported to the world of Cinderella as Katriona (I don’t know how to pronounce it) one of the evil stepsisters. She has to learn to act like a “lady” to fit in the story. Because the book fell apart a part of the story was incomplete and she had to complete it so she could go home. But first she has to find Cinderella but of course she falls in love with prince charming. (what a surprise! NOT!)I really liked how creative the author was with the characters and that they were different from the Disney versions of them. The only things that I didn’t like about it was that I couldn’t follow it really well and in some parts but many It’s just me. And I didn’t really like the end (When you read it you will understand why) it was like the author was out of ideas. And it was just to predictable sometimes. My favourite character is Poppy (Friend of Kat that she actually can get along) because she has so much energy, humor and she is always in a good mood and my least favourite character is Bianca (the other “ugly”stepsister that looks like a freaking goodness!) because she thinks she is better than everyone else and she can be really annoying. And I think this would be a nice book for teenagers that don’t like reading or for young adults (Fairytales aren’t only for kids!) because there is also a little bit of humor and sarcasm in it. I would definitely recommend it to my friends and family even though the end could be more interesting and have more details.