This continuing to transform health care in positive ways.

This article
investigates the range of social media platforms for patients and healthcare specialists
to use and explores the patient’s perspective of the advantage and
disadvantages of the platforms. Using social media for health and personal use,
specifically blogs, microblogging and social networking, creates an outlet for
information to be collected and discovered by patients and provides a platform
for patients to share their experiences too. Social media is also a great
platform for patients to connect with doctors and other healthcare specialists.

Out of the 765 articles that the authors collected in September 2012 only 12
were important for the purposes of the study. The only articles included in
study were between 2004 and 2012 to hold relevance to the situation. The
results indicated that the use of social media across the healthcare field by
patients is increasing, due to rapid advancements in the technology. The
authors concluded that social media has a valuable place in the health care
industry, although the evidence and studies are quite limited as of yet. Many
issues will need to be studied in order to establish the best use case of
social media in the health care environment. One of the main issues identified
by patients themselves, is recognizing the effects social media has on health
care and how it may benefit them. The article was published in 2014 and still holds
relevance to the targeted audience. The research does not seem to be bias as
there is no declared conflict of interest and there is light drawn to the fact
that the research was not funded. This article relates to the essay topic
because it directly references and studies how mobile technology is continuing to
transform health care in positive ways. 

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