There when small follicles in the ovaries do not

There are many causes of
infertility, it may be due to a problem with the female or male within the
couple.  Some reasons for a woman having
infertility problems could be due to her ovulation, sometimes the women’s body does
not function properly and is unable to release enough eggs or her eggs that she
has released does not grow and mature.  When
the woman reaches the age between thirty and thirty-five, trying to conceive a
child may become harder due to the fact that as a woman ages the ovaries in the
women produce smaller amounts of eggs. 
As the women ages, her eggs quality declines as does the production of
the eggs slows down.  Another reason for
infertility in the woman is if she is having issues with the endometrial
tissues, this is what happens when the lining of the uterus grows in the
abdomen or pelvis, outside of the uterus. 
If a woman has this condition, there is surgery to have the tissue
removed and fix this issue.  If a woman
has what is known as the polycystic ovarian syndrome, this is when small
follicles in the ovaries do not grow and turn into mature follicles that are
able to release her eggs.  There are also
surgeries to correct this problem.  If a woman’s
fallopian tubes have become obstructed or have had some type of damage to them
then the sperm cannot get through and be able to reach the eggs and intern the
egg will not reach the uterus, this also can be the cause of infertility. Having
surgery to fix this issue may be a choice, the surgery can open the tubes back
up.  If the women have or had an untreated
sexually transmitted disease this may be a cause of the tube blockage.  Sometimes all it may take is just the need to
make some life changes, for instance, if the woman drinks a lot of drinks with caffeine
or alcohol, cutting down on drinking this has been known to help, also if the women
smoke, quitting can increase the chance to get pregnant, if the woman is overweight
or underweight can also affect getting pregnant, women should try to be at a
healthy weight when trying to conceive.  If
the women have tried the lifestyle changes with no results, then there sometimes
is the possibility of having surgery to correct the issue, the surgery depends
on the reason for not being able to get pregnant and if the issue has to do
with the women or male not being able to conceive.

 men who have infertility issues, it
could be due to the sperm count being low or his sperm is poor in quality, or
it just is not working as it should.  The
men have some similar infertility problems such as his sperm cannot get through,
reasons for this happening can be because of the male having an infection or if
he may be having prostate problems.  Another
reason the man could be infertile is if he has issues with his sperm genetics
could cause this.  Another reason for the
male having infertility issues can be due to his testes not falling at
birth.  The male also could experience an
erectile dysfunction, or he may have problems with ejaculation, premature
ejaculation could be a cause.  Other reasons
could be the man is experience erectile and ejaculations issues, this could happen
if the man has suffered a spinal cord injury, nerve damage.  Some medications or the use of steroids may
cause the male to have infertile issues. 
The male can also have problems with his hormones, this can be due to pituitary
tumors.  Lastly, the male could have had
an injury to his epididymis.  The male
could also have had a vasectomy and after the reversal, it can take up to two
years to get the women pregnant.

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The woman can also try fertility
drugs if the drugs do not work there are also other options such as artificial
insemination.  There are four kinds of
artificial insemination, the first type of artificial insemination is what is
known as intrauterine insemination (IUI), this is supposed to be the easiest
way to help conceive. This is when the couple has the male’s sperm cleaned and
the doctor then injects the sperm into the woman’s uterus at the optional time
for conceiving.  If the male’s sperm is
the issue the couple can have the choice of using a donor sperm.  There is also intrauterine tuboperitoneal
insemination also known as (IUTPI), this is when they use up to 10 ml of special
processed sperm and use a catheter to place into uterus, then the sperm makes
its way into the fertilization areas. 
The third method is known as intracervical insemination (ICI), this procedure
is completed by using a donor sperm or the known males’ sperm, this is just
like the procedure for (IUI). The difference with ICI is, the sperm is placed near
the cervix and not the uterus.  The
fourth type of artificial insemination is known as intratubal insemination (ITI),
this is when the sperm has been put into the female’s fallopian tubes,
fertilization happens right in the fallopian tubes.  There is also another choice called invertor fertilization
(IVF), with IVF there are stimulators used to stimulate the women’s ovaries to
produce more eggs.  The eggs can be fertilized
outside of the female and then place back into the uterus.  If all else fails, there are plenty of baby’s
in need of a loving family.  The cost in
2013 was 39,966.00 if the person goes through an adoption agency and $34,093.00
it the person goes the way of independent adoption.