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There are many things I learned this six weeks in CTE problems and solutions but there are threemain lessons I learned. I learned how to make and write a resume, create an employmentportfolio, and how to make a character reference letter. These lessons helped me to learn howmake documents on myself and my accomplishments.The first lesson I learned this six weeks is how to make and write a employment portfolio. Aemployment portfolio is used to be a summary of your skills, abilities, and accomplishments.The employment portfolio in my opinion is the most important part of getting a job because theresume is like a first impression of yourself for the employer. Your first impression on theemployer is important because that is how they will think of your entire personality and whetheror not they should hire you or get the next person in line. A employment portfolio will show howhard you work if you tried to do your best and if you help others(if you have community servicein your employment portfolio).The second lesson I learned this six weeks is how to make a resume. A resume has youreducation, qualifications, and previous experience. A resume is usually sent with a jobapplication. A resume will show how long you were in your last job(which is used for experiencethat you sometimes need for some jobs). A resume will also tell your employer your education.Education is very important to an employer because they do not want to hire a person that doesnot know what they are doing.Education can determine how much you are going to be paid in ajob and it will increase your chances of getting a job.A resume overall is a very good way to letyour employer know your qualifications and experience with employment.The last lesson I learned this week is the character reference letter. A character reference letter isrecommendation from someone you know outside of work. This is very important to get fromsomeone close to you outside of work because it tells about your character and how that personsee you in their eyes. An example of this is if you had a friend that is close to you that haveknown for many years. This friend you have will know a lot about your personality and yourstrengths and weaknesses and can give good attributes about you and they will be accurate.Overall what I learned this six weeks is the things you need to get an employer’s attention andhow to present yourself for the first time correctly. This will all help me in the future by allowingwhat to do to tell my future employer that I am the best fit for the position.