There to poor academic performance. As such, this essay

There are
numerous theories that explain the differences in behavior and academic
performance among children. However, the most dominant of these theories
supports the notion that behavior and academic performance stem from a blend of
genetics and environment. According to the propagators of this theory, genetics
begin the process and account for about thirty to fifty percent of behavioral
formation and the environment determines the remaining fifty to seventy
percent. However, these assumptions are somewhat misleading. Other factors like
prenatal care and exposure to toxins and stress may also significantly affect a
developing child. The environment in which humans live in affects the human
cell receptors and sends messages to the genes that then affect several
functional switches. Different processes and cell structures are affected
pending on the signals sent to the receptors and the functional switches that
are turned on. As such, these functional controls can either strengthen or
weaken violent behavior, body immunity, and learning and memory functions.

From recent
research, it has been concluded that the intricate network of social
relationships that students have with their colleagues in school, their family members,
and other members of society significantly influences the behaviors. The
influence process begins with the learner’s main relationship with their
parents or caregivers. This core relationship with the primary caregiver in
their lives forms the child’s character that is either secure and attached or
insecure and detached. Children who possess a secure and attached personality
characteristically show better behavior in school. Similarly, children that
possess an insecure and detached character typically exhibit bad behavior both
in the home set up and in school. Once children are in school, their socialization,
and social status tends to significantly affect their behavior. The typical
school setting pressures learners to be like their colleagues or risk social
denunciation. Similarly, the pursuit for high social status often pushes
students to set themselves apart is some areas like sports or fashion.

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socioeconomic background of child is a significant part of the entire process. A
child from a low socioeconomic status background will hardly ever choose to
behave differently. Instead, they face numerous challenges that children from a
high socioeconomic status family can hardly understand. As such, this
preoccupation leads to poor academic performance. As such, this essay looks
into how children from poor backgrounds face emotional and social challenges,
acute and chronic stressors, cognitive lags, and health and safety issues, and
how these challenges mostly defined by socioeconomic status affect behavior and
academic performance.