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There were many different causes for the fall of the Western Roman Empire. The Roman Empire fell due to problems with military and expansion, economy and religion.    The Western Roman Empire fell because of overexpansion. The Roman Empire was huge; it expanded to Northern Africa, the Middle East, and Western Europe. The Roman Empire was prospering under the rule of Octavian.However, all this power ultimately lead to its destruction. Many Germanic tribes like the Huns, Ostrogoths, Visigoths, and Vikings invaded Rome.(OI) These tribes would invade one another leading to the invasion of the Roman Empire. Once the Huns invaded the Goths, they invaded the Roman Empire. It was very easy for these tribes to invade due to the size of Rome. (Document 6)  It was very difficult to defend Rome due to its large size and amount of soldiers. It had become troublesome to transport soldiers to the frontier during these invasions.(OI) Since there were not enough soldiers due to bad economy, the Roman government hired mercenaries from Germany to defend the empire. (Document 5) Having the army consisting of foreigners was another obstacle in the way of protecting the empire. These soldiers did not try as hard to shelter Rome from invaders because they were being paid to do this job. (OI)    Another cause for the fall of the Roman Empire was the failing economy. The government in the Roman Empire was rich from tribute as generals conquered more land and expanded the Roman Empire. When Rome was thriving the taxes were low because they had money coming in from the areas conquered. (OI) But as Rome stopped invading taxes were raised. (Document 3) The government did this because they did not have enough money coming into the government to maintain the military. But as a result of high taxation, many workers were forced to leave their jobs and homes because they could not afford it. As more people became unemployed and homeless the government established a welfare system; this system negatively affected the beliefs of the Romans. The people of Rome were very independent and self- reliant, and the welfare system caused many people to become dependent on the government for their financial needs. (Document 4) As a result of elevated taxes, emperors manufactured more coins; however, the coins were worth less. Once the people realized this and refused to accept this money, prices remarkably rose. (OI)    The Roman Empire fell due to the spread of Christianity. Christianity was beginning to spread throughout the Roman Empire; however,  the majority of Rome was polytheistic. So, as it dispersed within the empire it began to replace the traditional beliefs of the Romans. This inspired the conflicts between Romans who worshiped the pagan beliefs and the Christians. This ultimately led to the persecution of Christianity; although Christianity was not illegal, many people were spreading the word of God and expanding the church. These people had encouraged the Romans to break the law which contributed to the fall of Rome.  The Church the demanded that all Catholics must pay a 10% tithe on their income. (OI) This caused less money to go the government and public because it was going to the churches as charity. Christian beliefs taught the importance of patience and peace; which was very much unlike how Rome previously was. Rome’s military was very strong and that is where they thrived the most and put their main focus towards. As Christianity became the main religion of Rome, the military was not as important to the survival of Rome as having a strong religion was. (Document 2)    Military problems and overexpansion allowed barbaric tribes to invade the empire. Economic problems negatively affected the lives of those living in the empire. The growth of Christianity caused the empire’s main focus to be the church during the Dark Ages. Clearly, military problems and  overexpansion, terrible economy and the spread of Christianity contributed to the decline of the Western Roman Empire.