There take a break and this takes a toll

There are several important issues in the
profession of nursing today. I’m


Going to discuss
three of the most important ones I believe are major issues nurses

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face. Within the
profession there are issues with short staffing. This issue
can lead to


burnout; because of unit organization or inequitable assignments nurses tend


leave hospital jobs. Workplace
violence is another issue in nursing today; the


violence can
come from a patient or coworkers themselves. This can lead to nurses


being bullied by
other nurses or patients.  Another major
issue with nursing today is


depending on what region the nurse finds a job plays a role on how


they will be
paid. Gender; males get paid more than female nurses, and needless to


say the amount
of work that is done by a nurse is not at all compensated with pay.


staffing is an issue of both professional and individual concern for


today. Short staffing is one of the most common reasons why nurses


burnout. Nursing in itself is a stressful job and not having staff to rotate


work with one another can make a nurse feel overwhelmed and frustrated. 


enough staff the nurse cannot take a break and this takes a toll on the nurse


her health. This can also lead to mistakes made with medication and charting.


            Based on the article Nursing staffs’
emotional well-being and caring


Burnout and psychological distress levels have been found to be high in


Health Service nursing staff and furthermore this emotional distress has


found to affect patient care. In a National Health Service striving to provide


patient-centered care, it is essential that factors affecting nursing staffs’


and their caring behaviors are examined. (Journal of Clinical Nursing,



            Nurses are often obligated to work
long hours. It can be because of the


being short-staffed or trying to manage cutting costs. However; whatever


reason, nurses, working longer than they’re supposed to, is harmful. It can affect


quality of care they give to their patients, and can also put their health at


in clinical and watching the nurses and other staff members I realized the


of having enough staff to have a unit function properly. I also saw the


it takes on nurses and how they developed issues such as chronic back pain,


shoulder pain. 


            The research article I read did a
cross-sectional correlation-based survey a


of 102 nursing staff from an Acute National Health Service. The results were


follow: Demographics were not found to relate with nursing staffs’ burnout,


distress or caring behaviors. Work stressors, coping strategies and


were found to be connected with nursing staffs’ burnout and


distress. Caring behaviors were also connected with coping strategies


self-efficacy. Importantly, relationships were found between caring behaviors


nursing staffs’ burnout and psychological distress. (Journal of Clinical




            Here is were I think nurses should Be Full Partners, with Physicians


Other Health
Professionals, in Redesigning Health Care in the United States. Based


on The
Future of Nursing:  Leading Change,
Advancing Health IOM report nurses are a


key component in helping implement a plan for change within
a facility.  In care


environments, being a full partner involves taking
responsibility for identifying problems


and areas of waste, devising and implementing a plan for
improvement, tracking


improvement over time, and making necessary adjustments to
realize established goals.


(Foundation, 2015, pg 32). Nurses being on the board and
being full partners will help


with work stressors and nursing burnout. It will be direct
impact as to what the nurses


are going through with their jobs and help with bettering
patient care at the bedside


and within the facility.


            In nursing another
issue is workplace violence, which can
come from a patient


or coworkers.
There is a saying “nurses eating the young” and this has been around


for a long time.
It is very common for new nurses to graduate and go into the field


and be bullied
by senior nurses. This can make it very intimidating for a new


graduate. This
can make a person question their decision and impact there way of


looking at
nursing as we are suppose to be a community within the health field and


should want to
help each other to become better at what we do. Physicians tend to


play a role with
treating nurses unfairly and hence the reason I think a nurse should


be apart of the
broad to gain respect in the health field that is deserved. This can


impact a nurse’s
ability for patient care.


            Based on the article ‘Bullying among nursing staff:
Relationship with


psychological/behavioral responses of nurses and
medical errors” Nurses
play an


role in achieving safe and effective health care. The method used for this


used an “internal e-mail system, an e-mail requesting the participants to


the questionnaire on Survey Monkey was sent to a sample of 1,078 nurses


across three facilities at a university hospital system in the Midwest. Two


forty-one completed questionnaires were received with a response rate of


Bullying was measured utilizing the Negative Acts Questionnaire-Revised. The


found to be negatively associated with age of nurses; physically intimidating


was positively associated with age. Male nurses experienced higher work-


bullying than female nurses (Wolters Kluwer Health, 2015). What I take


this nurses need to be able to function at their best, and in doing so health


need to ensure that negative components are unacceptable. A monthly


should be implemented in health care organization to ensure the


of bullying and workplace violence.


            Another issue in todays field of
nursing is compensation. When it comes to


compensation depending on what region and cost of living will determine


pay received. Nursing all around, no matter where you live is a tough job.


depending on which field a nurse goes into, pay may vary because


the extent of education and furthering your education. Nurse salaries differ in


across the U.S. due to cost of living and other factors. (


to the Bureau of Labor
Statistics, the median salary for RNs in 2016 was


The lowest 10 percent earned less than $47,120, and the highest 10


earned more than $102,990 ( Based on these reports the best


RN positions are in California, also San Francisco and Bakersfield. Another


with this is having to retake the NCLEX to move to these cities to make the


amount of money as these RNs.


            Another issue within compensation is
the difference in pay with male and


nurses. As this is an issue in most other occupations this is a big concern to


in nursing. Based on the 2015
The Journal of American Medicine released a


study on the
pay gap between male and female nurses. This study showed that male


nurses earn
about $5100 a year more than women (Muench, 2015).
There should be


equality as
everyone is doing the same amount of work and should begin at the


same pay rate
all around.


            On the three major issues in nursing
I chose to research she shortage in nursing


staff should
be something taken more serious. Without a nurse in health care


the facilities wouldn’t run and patients wouldn’t have great outcomes as


they do today.
When I graduate I would like to help make a difference in these areas and


research as the IOM.