There like blogs and online communities. For example, these

There are reasons that companies use such marketing strategies like
blogs and online communities. For example, these techniques are being used in
order to attract more visitors to companies’ website. With every new post,
there is a bigger chance for the website to be shown in the searching engine of
customers. By doing this, the opportunity for getting more potential customers
enlarges. Another important issue is the content of the posts. It has to be of
help for all visitors of the webpage, especially the target consumers. This is
the right way to accomplish not only immediate, but also long-lasting success.
Actually, the more posts a company have, the higher rank it acquires in the
search engines. Therefore, a post today may bring even more visitors tomorrow.
A bigger part of the traffic in the current blog comes from posts that have not
been published the same month. Basically, traffic usually comes from previous
posts. Unfortunately, there are some exceptions, because every company, its way
of blogging and attracting potential customers is or is supposed to be unique.
All of these strategies should result in creating a relationship between the
company and the customer. Even though they may not know anything about
company’s work and products, by visiting their website just to read one post,
they will become familiar with them. Establishing such a relationship is equal
to building trust between each other, which is of great importance in selling
and buying.

When it comes to business blogs and online communities, there is less
variety of discussed topics. Hobbies, personal interests, celebrities or other
irrelevant topics have no place in a business blog or online community. A
company should write posts that are relevant only to its strategies, mission,
values, past accomplishments, future goals and improvements, the products or
services they deliver to consumers.

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2.      Why companies are using blogs and online communities?

An online community is a virtual community, which gives the opportunity
of communication between its members. There is only one difference between
regular and online community and this is the usage of Internet connection for
interacting. These members usually see the online community as “home” and
associate each other with “family” and “friends”. They use this system to
communicate and share ideas about a specific topic with each other, or
sometimes work towards a particular goal. Interacting with others in an online
community is compared to communication between neighbors. The online community
starts with a conversation, which should bring valuable ideas and information
in order to engage its readers into further communication.

1.      Description of Online Communities

A typical blog contains text, images, media files, and links to other
blogs or web pages, related to the topic. But one blog may also be focused on
photographs (photo blog), videos (vlog), music (MP3 blog) or audio (podcast).

All posts in the blog refer to one subject or topic. There is a variety
of worldwide topics such as sports, politics, culture, art, education, music,
history, etc. There are even some blogs, which provide information about
celebrities, rumors, scandals, hobbies, and health or beauty advices. Despite
this fact, a blog may also be used as a personal online diary. Until 2009, blogs were mostly created by one
individual or a small group of people. In 2010, “multi-author blogs” (MABs)
were created. They include a large of amount of people who are contributing to
the blog.

Posts in a blog appear in a chronological order, so that the most recent
are at the top of the web page. In a book, called “Altmetrics
for Information Professionals: Past, Present and Future”, written by Kim
Holmberg (2016) we found out one
significant advantage of a blog: its readers are able to provide instant
feedback to a post by writing it as a comment, which is an important feature.

A blog is usually a discussion that consists of posts, which are
published online. The word “blog” is used not only for the Internet journal,
but also for the action of writing
a blog. The
people, who are posting in a blog, are called bloggers. The main function of a blog is to reveal one’s
thoughts on a particular topic. From a book, called “Scientific Writing for
Agricultural Research Scientists”, edited by A. Youdeowei, Paul
Stapleton, and Rodger Obubo (2012) we gathered more information about the blog: it provides rich information
in different fields and there are several reasons to create it such as using it
as a way of communication, sharing knowledge, giving advices and reach large