There it. Same goes for ethical decision making. Some

There are
multiple philosophers in this world that try to pin point exactly why we do the
things we do, and what is really right or wrong. In reality, however, many
could argue that what is exactly right over wrong really just comes from their
own personal opinion and how they view the world.

about the concept of being ethically right or wrong, I almost like to compare
it to the speed limit on the road. Let’s say the speed limit is 55 on the
interstate. That’s what we are supposed to go, according to the law. But does
everyone go exactly 55? No. Many people will go about 10 over because they
notice everyone else is doing it. It has become socially acceptable to speed on
the roads, and no one really thinks twice about it. Same goes for ethical
decision making. Some people can think what they are doing is right, mainly
because they notice everyone else is doing it and it seems to be going in their
favor. Some of the decision making we do goes without thinking, and do it
because it seems so right.

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great example about being either right or wrong, is the drinking under
21debate. In many countries, it is illegal to drink anything alcoholic under
the age of 21. But in Canada, for instance, you are allowed to drink at 19. Here
in North Dakota and Minnesota, it is 21. Again, does everyone follow that? No.
I guarantee that not every single kid under the legal age is going to wait till
they reach that point to drink something with alcohol in it. Mainly because
they see other people doing it so they think it must be right. Therefore, is it
wrong to drink while under the age? Not necessarily. It’s illegal, but not
really wrong. Why? Because it’s normal and almost everyone does it.

A personal
case of mine where people can either be right or wrong, especially based on
opinion, is when it comes to one of my close friends. He is from a very
religious family, and they believe in things very strongly. For instance, they
believe it is morally wrong to date someone you are not married to. In other
words, he isn’t allowed to date until marriage. Once he finds that special
someone, he is expected to automatically marry that person. However, like in
any other situation, does he follow that exactly? No, of course not. Because he
doesn’t feel it is really wrong to be with someone you aren’t married to. That
doesn’t mean that him being with someone he isn’t married to is wrong, though.
Again, it goes back to it really just being your own opinion. Some people find
that to be wrong, because it is religion based, and others find it to be silly.
It really just depends on how you look at the situation.

As you can
see from the previous examples, it is very possible for two completely different
people to both be right in any given topic. The thing that many people don’t really
want to accept in this generation is that not everyone is going to agree with
you, and not everyone thinks the same as everyone else. People are entitled to
their own opinion, and we all have a different view of the world.

Why is it,
though, that we should know what exactly is right vs what is wrong? “We are all
human beings, and every decision we make in our daily lives, it really just all
comes down to it being their own choice.” (Peter Keeble) No one controls
anyone, and we all make our own choices. We aren’t taught in this world what is
exactly right or wrong, and it comes down to if it doesn’t work out, then we
learn from that and don’t do it again. We are put into this world and seen to
automatically just assume that certain things are better than others, and yet
get judged when we act a way that is seen to be wrong. We start to believe
certain things, and act the way we do because normally it starts by seeing
someone else do that, someone who you are very close to, or look up to. Many
people believe in things because their parents did, or it runs in the family.

I think in
order for two people who think completely opposite things to end on a good
note, is to learn to compromise. I believe people are entitled to their own
opinion, but shouldn’t get upset when someone else tells them their view on it,
or basically says they are wrong, because really no one is wrong.

I think
the main issue with these types of debates and disagreements is people don’t
know how to come to a middle ground, and don’t know how to compromise on the
topic. Once people are told “you’re wrong”, they automatically get upset.