There in a room where there were a bunch

There once was a little egg named Eggo. He lived in a magical place called walmart. Eggo had 4 brothers and 5 sisters! Can you believe that he lived in a family of 12. Eggo wasn’t like most eggs, Eggo was like the ugly duckling of all egg. He was so small that no one wanted to but the family just because of him. But on one sunny day a nice lady came into the store named Ms Ziemanis. Ms Ziemanis wasn’t like anyone Eggo has seen before, she actually wanted to buy all of eggos family! Eggo was so excited for moving day but what was about to come he had never dreamed of… On the way to wherever Ms Ziemanis was taking them he couldn’t stop thinking about his new. His mom and dad looked worried but they wouldn’t tell anyone what was wrong. After a while in the car they seemed to come to a full stop. Just as they stopped Eggo heard her footsteps coming closer and closer. Eggo was so excited he started to jump for joy but sadly had to stop because his parents thought he was gonna crack his head open. Next thing Eggo knew was that he walk walking into a building, Eggo isn’t very good at reading but he was able to make out the word CW Perry. As they walked in the doors everyone seemed to be worried but Eggo he didn’t know what was wrong but he didn’t care he was just glad that someone is taking them home.Eggo and his family ended up in a room where there were a bunch of kids. As the lady got closer to their some his whole family started to scream. Eggo still didn’t understand what the big deal was until hi mom yelled “SHE’S GONNA EAT US!!” Eggo started screaming and as he started to realize that she was gonna eat them he started to cry and say his goodbyes. Next thing they knew the door was opening and the lady’s hand started to come towards Eggo stopped crying and told his mom and dad he loved them. Next thing his family knew was that Ms Ziemanis had ego by the neck and was about to crack him open. When *creek* Eggo was dead! His remains were scattered all across the floor. As his family started to cry a whistle came from the door of the class. As all the students looked over they realized that there were little people coming in on horses. Sent from the king.  After a minute of their time and slot of super glue the king’s horsemen were able to put Eggo back together! Ms Ziemanis soon came to realize that these were not any normal eggs but they were living eggs who didn’t want to die!! The end!