The who have used or tried cannabis do not

The proposed legalisation of cannabis is an interesting
issue. Many people think it’s safer and better than alcohol. Many others think
its worse. Many countries already have legalised having cannabis and Britain is
thinking about it. I personally feel that cannabis should not be legalised
because it cannot be controlled. Cannabis is always compared with alcohol but
alcohol can be controlled whereas no one knows what goes into cannabis.

people feel that cannabis affects your body in the short term. After about an
hour of smoking cannabis some of the side effects such as dry mouth, red eyes
and increased heart rate all become visible. It is widely believed that smoking
cannabis causes depression afterwards but it also affects long-term memory as
well. Other studies have proven smoking cannabis decrease your IQ level.
Smoking is the most common way to take cannabis and this can lead to some
respiratory problems. It can cause serious health problems such as low blood
pressure, liver diseases or diabetes. Smoking cannabis also causes similar
levels of cancer to smoking tobacco studies have also found links between the
drug and mental health issues such as anxiety, short-term psychosis and
suicidal thoughts but even if it is not causing all of these issues smoking
cannabis can worsen pre-existing conditions. Cannabis is thought to be a
gateway drug but this is not always the case. The majority of people who have
used or tried cannabis do not try other, worse drugs. Alcohol and cigarettes
are more likely to be gateway drugs to more dangerous drugs. 

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                If you
are caught with cannabis the police normally have three options to decide what
to do with you. Normally the police will give you a warning and will keep a
record that you were caught with it but it won’t go on your criminal record.
Another thing they might do is arrest you. You might get another warning or PND
(Penalty Notice for Disorder) which would be a fine of £90 on the spot and a
caution which would go on your criminal record. The last one they could do is
up to 5 years in prison and an unlimited fine. Sharing drugs is also considered
as supplying drugs. If you are caught with cannabis and it does go on your
criminal record it will be very hard to find a job or get a visa if you want to
travel abroad.

largest survey on drugs was made by Mixmag and the Guardian. Over 15,500 people
took part from different countries like Brazil to Finland and cities like
Birmingham to Phoenix. According to Complete Issues 7,700 people in the UK took
part in the survey said that the most common drug to try was alcohol at 99% and
91% of people had tried cannabis. 75% had tried Ecstasy and 69% had tried
cocaine. According to the surveys on Complete Issues on what worries you about
your friends’ drug use? 75% of people said the impact on their health and 70%
of people said the amount that they used. 58% of people said putting themselves
or others at risk and behaving like an idiot and 54% of people said it damaged
their friendship. Only 28% of people worried about money or the police. The
Complete Issues also put a survey up about the substances they are most worried
about their friends taking? They were most worried about them taking alcohol
and then cocaine. 11% of people said ketamine and cannabis and 2% said tobacco
and heroin.    

there is a lot of research that has said cannabis is bad for you many people
still take it. There is also some research that cannabis is good for you as
well. Studies have shown that cannabis helps slow down the progress of Glaucoma
which is an eye disease. It is also said to stop cancer from spreading because
it helps kill cancer cells. Cannabis smokers have increased creativity.  Smokers have tried new things that people who
do not smoke would never think of. It has a positive effect in the brain that
helps find new ideas. Smoking cannabis is said to stop nightmares from
happening. The drug affects the later stages of REM sleep which means you never
go into the part of sleep where you have nightmares. More than a third of
adults have tried drugs; most of them do not take them for long. About a third
of people who tried the drug took them for less than a year and more than 50%
had given up within five years.

In conclusion, having looked at both sides of the argument,
it seems that cannabis is bad for you although it is thought to be good for
other things. Even though cannabis supposedly helps some illnesses and cancer I
think the cons outweigh the pros.