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The Middle east has been in constant turmoil since before I was born and pretty much has been since the end of the Second World War, However the powderkeg was set after World War One. Before World One the Ottoman Empire Held control Over most of the Middle East. The Empire was in decline before the war and had recently lost most of its European territory in the First Balkan war and lost its Libyan territories in the Ottoman-Italian War. However at the end of the war the empire was divided between the Entente powers and the new Turkish state. The problem with this is that the British Promised that the Arabs would gain independence if they decided to fight for the British which they did in various battles (Yanbu, Mecca, Medina) and ended up only getting a fraction of lands that they were promised. Of the land of this Palestine was promised not only to the Arabs, but Jews the land. The British ended up establishing  the British Mandate of Palestine and under it the Jewish Population grew by 320,000. The Jews then proceeded to buy the land from Arabs and evicted the people who lived and worked there only fanning the flames of ethnic tension as both groups believed the lands were their own and leading to a revolt against the British by the Arabs in 1936 which was put down by British forces and Jewish Militias and lead to a restriction of Jewish Immigrants to the Mandate. Though This was the only conflict that was the only conflict between Arabs and Jews before World War 2 ended, this is an important event foreshadowing how the 20th century would play out.During World War 2 the relations between Arabs and Jews in the British Mandate of Palestine had normalized. However after the war hundreds of thousands of Jews were left homeless due to having their property stripped away by the Nazis. Left with nothing they applied for asylum in Britain and those that were accepted were settled in the British Mandate of Palestine. This reopened the wounds between Arab and Jew that had only recently healed. Fearing conflict the British handed the mandate over to the newly formed United Nations along with creating several Arab states along with France. In 1947 the UN made a proposal for 2 seperate states but the Palestinian Arabs didn’t take too kindly to this and with the support of the new Arab states; Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yeman, and Saudi Arabia launched an attempted invasion of Israel. The fighting lasted just under 10 months and against all odds Israel managed to defeat the Arab forces. To stop Israel from annexing all of the palestinian lands Jordan occupied the West Bank and Egypt occupied the Gaza Strip however Israel annexed much of the territory. In the same way that Canada won its independence in Vimy Ridge Israel won its independence in the First Arab-Israeli War, However this was not the last conflict between Israel and the Arab states.For 9 years after the First Arab-Israeli war the middle east was relatively peaceful, the most that happened was minor skirmishes on the Jordan-Israeli border and General Gamal Abdel Nasser taking power in Egypt with his military Junta. However a powderkeg was set with Gamal Abdel Nasser was elected president and nationalized the Suez Canal that was controlled by a joint British-French company. At this point, the British and French Empires were on a deline