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The work of a teacher is never done. They educate their students to achieve their best. They work weekends, holidays, and sometimes all summer long. An educator can never leave work at the office. Their day does not end when the buses pull out. Many people become educators through reasons as personal to them as any other part of their identity. When aspiring to become a teacher one needs to know the reasons for choosing this career, the education and training associated, and other general yet important information about this career. A person could have many reasons to become a teacher. One reason would be that they get to improve the quality of education. Teachers are constantly coming up with new ways to teach ( They teach students that have different ways of understanding and learning. Each child is unique in the way they learn and process information that is being taught. Another reason is that they get to give back to the community in a positive and meaningful way. Being a teacher allows you to directly impact your students ( One might have grown up in a low-income family, with this experience they can relate on a personal level with their student if that student is going through the same struggles and hardships. Also, a person who pursues a career in education often has a favorite or inspirational teacher as their source of motivation. Lifelong learning is another reason to become a teacher. As a teacher, one might get lucky if they are assigned to teach their favorite subject matter, or the subject they majored in, but sometimes that is not the case. Likewise, one would not only learn their subject matter of teaching, but some child psychology, education psychology, and even the best practices to use in education ( One last reason to become a teacher is seeing your students succeed. One could say that the best feeling is seeing their students succeed in and out of the classroom. Each student is unique. They all come from different backgrounds and beliefs, and have different weaknesses and strengths ( When a student succeeds in the classroom it is a boost of self-esteem to one’s self, and most importantly the child who will now feel confident to help others inside and outside of the classroom.