The told an important aspect ”they could desire no

          The Feminine Mystique, written by
Betty Friedan and published in 1963 is one of the genuine masterpieces which
triggered the beginning of second-wave feminism movement in the United States. Also
it is seen like the only source of the ”Women’s Liberation Movement”. It is
thought that the author was inspired to write the book when she took part at
”Smith College”, in Northampton U.S.A. where she could interview some
students from there at their 15-th anniversary reunion. After she talked to
many of them, she found out that the position of ”housewife” was an unhappy
and unfulfilled feeling for them. Friedan pointed out a memorable thing into
her book: “The only way for a woman, as for a
man, to find herself, to know herself as a person, is by creative work of her

Betty Friedan started her
book by giving the name ” The problem that has no name”. She would like to
begin the introduction of the book by discussing what means this title for her
and for the rest of the humanity. The whole book and also the title are devoted
to a far-flung subject which talks about the women’s rights and how they fight
for keeping them. Her frustration about why women had just one priority in
their life is pinpointed: to fulfil the role of being wives or even mothers. In
the beginning of the book she told an important aspect ”they could desire no
greater destiny than to glory in their own femininity” So she wanted to
exemplify the major problems of unhappier housewives from the USA. The women
were not allowed to dream of big things or to accomplish their aims, they had
to take care of their children and family. Those females were taught that in
their life they do not need a higher education or a successful career, indeed
they would never know what is the meaning of a ”higher reputation”.

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Taking more details about
Betty’s visit at her college into consideration, I can add that she went there
with the main purpose of wanting to gather up the different opinions from the
students who teach at that school. After this process, she realized that their
opinions were against all odds. The pupils maintained the fact that the women
who lived in nineteen fifties did not have equal rights, because they were
obliged to waste their life in a miserable way. Nowadays, the women’s rights concern
the society, but in the past these were very restricted and sometimes they were
not taken into consideration. So, the rights like the freedom of expression in
public or taking several decisions for themselves did not exist for the
females. An important study indicates the fact that in that specified period,
women were called ”non-persons”. With this aspect, our author, Betty Friedan
is determinate to ask and find out the opinion of other persons about that.

Since time immemorial, the
typical woman had not been seen just as a person who did not receive enough
respect from men, but she was considered a human being who can procreate with
her own body another souls. And like this she had to carry on strictly by the
house’s duties, without the permission to get out, aside from usual shopping
for the family or the communal conferences directed by her husband. On a
different note, the men’s vision was worthless and insignificant for women.

Starting with 1950s and
ending with 1960s, Betty Friedan could make a general analysis which refers to
distressed women. Since nineteen fifties, the young ladies had to be engaged by
seventeen, because at that age they could easily learn how to look after their
home and family. On that time, on the American continent, women struggled with
fulfillment in spite of living in normal conditions and trying to have apparently
”perfect” families. Till the 1900s, in general situations, families gave a
higher attention to children’s education. After that, the girls were not going
to school for learning as much as they went for meeting their future husband.
In the text is mentioned that ”colleges built dormitories for <>, but the students were almost always the husband. A new degree
was instituted for the wives” (Ph.T. – Putting Husband Through). This fact
created just a false image about how America was supposed to be, with non-conformist
stereotypes, so it combined the old traditional style which was unreal.  

          Another crucial aspect at that time
was that wives no longer left their homes, except for going to the market,
chauffeur their children or participate beside their husband to different types
of charity. With much difficulty, at the end of nineteen sixties, a third of
the female population had the courage to revolt against this situation. The
first sign was coming to a suburban housewife who had the dream image of a new
and different American’s perspective. She did not want to be just a protective
mother and a loving wife, she was healthy, stronger than other women and
respected in equal measures like men. She had the power to choose what to do
whenever she wanted. For example, she had the freedom to select her clothes,
automobiles and more importantly, her job.

The author offered in the
book, a mother’s personal opinion who complained about her hurtful life as a
mom with four kids. She said that hobbies, activities, committees were suitable
for her but only in some measure, because it is impossible for a human being to
do the same hard things every day without a break. In her marriage she had some
depressive and desperate moments, because she started to think that she has not
any personality. Also she lost her interest in doing something for herself and
the wish to have a successful future career.

So women want just to be
equal with each other, to represent their strong ambition and how to change it
in reality. In nineteen century, in USA appeared a current which gave the
answers to question as ”Why women do not have the same rights as men ?” or
”Why men can make all type of works and women can’t do this ?”. So giving
more details, this stream could get a monolithic character of bellyacher from
the fact that women could be poisoned by their own family. The women began to
feel in their homes more like in cages. Anyway the women managed to have a
strong dream: to be the perfect mothers and wives. Aside from this, their
highest ambition was to have five or six or even ten kids and an attractive and
beautiful house.

          Betty Friedan routed out an important
aspect: ”the problems posed by feminized men and masculinized women and went
on the promise that the liberation of women would strengthen male and female
identity alike” 

          Since antiquity, family has played an
important part of the contemporary society. The problem of how family’s life
has to be organized has been persisting from the dawn of time, because it would
frequently come up through the daily life. In the traditional family, the power
of the members was divided unequal because the men were those who had all the
rights while women had not even one. The authority was in the male’s hand
against the feminine part. Over the years, the powerfulness increased for the
persons who know more information which concern the essential aspects of the
life, the society and the political activity. During the time, the woman’s
power has been developing too and it reached to be in equal value with the
power of a man. As well, in the traditional family, mothers were the only
persons who were strongly involved in the children’s life and also developed
their character. This is the consequence of the lack of work, professional
career and they took hold up just by the household and their family.

          By way of comparison, the modern
family is based on totally different principles. The authority is shared into
equal measures, the decisions are being taken together to withstand more time in
their marriage. It cannot be compared with the traditional family where only men
have taken all the decisions for the entire family. Another factor which
contributed to this evolution is the economic independence. Only the
contemporary female could reach to this prestige. Now, women are no longer
supported by their husbands and they can acquire their living on their own
merit. Also, females can take any decision without the fear of being punished
or abandoned. So, it can be easily observed that the traditional family and the
modern family have nothing in common. On the principle plan is highlighted the
women’s evolution, the power of reaching the same pedestal as that of the men.

Nowadays or even on
that time, the society seems to be like a hard power which hits everything in
its way in life. So in that world, where the human rights are denied as well as
justice, where men do not lose their being and prestige. Moreover, the poverty
does not end and ignorance prospers, the society transformed in something like an
arranged conspiracy to laden and rob, neither human being nor belongings will
be safe.