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The Boer
war is a big part of Canada’s history because it was our nation’s first foreign
war. The war was between Britain and the Boer Republics, Britain had help from
other colonies like Canada. The British wanted to control the South African
lands as they noticed that the fields were really rich in gold and diamonds so
they wanted to take over the land and take all of the high profit valuables.
The Boer war started with them travelling all the way to South Africa to fight
the Boer Republicans, then the Brits introduced a truce with them, but there
ended up being a second Boer war.

It all
started in 1899 when the Brits travelled to the gold enriched fields of South
Africa to take on the Boer Republics who weren’t a very big colony to see who
gets the land. In the beginning of the 19th Century, Britain took
over the Cape area. The African people did not see the Brits as good people so
they decided to make their own colony called the Transvaal and the Orange Free
State. At this point in time Britain had two of their colonies, Cape and Natal.
But that wasn’t enough for them as they pressed harder to get to their real
goal, Transvaal as it is the richest of gold in South Africa and in the earth.

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At the time
of the Boer War then Canada’s Prime Minister Wilfrid Laurier was persuaded by
Britain to come and help the Brits in the war, but there were a few problems
with that. The English speaking Canadians wanted to help Britain as they felt
they were obligated to doing so, but the French speaking Canadians did not want
to risk the young soldier’s lives as they felt like we didn’t need to help
them. Laurier wanted to help Britain as he respected their institution and
wanted to work with them and not against. So Wilfrid Laurier didn’t want to
force the issue on sending soldier’s over so what he did was he didn’t force
the French speaking Canadians to fight to keep them happy, Although the French
speaking Canadian’s didn’t go, the English speaking people wanted to help them
so there were tons of men ready for battle. This was the first overseas war
that Canadian soldiers served in, so it was a big deal for the people and our
country. We sent over eight thousand people overseas. Even with more back-up
the Boer proved to be a tough challenge for Britain and started to frustrate
the British army. As the times got tough in South Africa the Brits felt like
they had to do something, and that’s what they did by burning down houses and
farms that the Boer’s owned and putting the lives of many women and children at
risk doing so. The Boers had enough of these tactics and surrendered in May
1902. After the war was over the Brits kept the South African land even though
the war turned out to be a massive failure for Britain. There were 244 Canadian
casualties that were caused by helping Britain out, and records say that over
55,000 Brits lost their lives over the 2 year span that the war lasted. This
was a big part our Canada’s history as it not only was our first overseas war,
the Canadian’s back then came together more and were proud of their
accomplishments as a country and became a “more prouder and confident country”1
(CBC 2001).

Many people
concluded the first and second Boer wars to be a heavily disappointment for the
British as they never hit the jackpot and got the gold and diamonds, but
instead they loosed over 55,000 lives that could’ve been protected if they
hadn’t of been greedy and going for loot that wasn’t theirs. That was a
disappointment to the country and the pride that they have as the Boer
Republicans retreated the Brits still in people’s eyes believe they loosed even
though they did in fact win.