The this ,the epic written by valmiki has been

The critical edition of
Ramayana remained unexplored till the hindmost century as facts and figures
were often intermingled with certain theories ,moreover tellings . We are just
used to assume the typical Ramayana story as unvarnished which was depicted on
doordarshan around 1990’s . To some chronologists as well as anthropologists it
could have lead to a catastrophe (the doordarshan version ) . According to
Romila Thapar ,a precarious authority was possessed by the daily soap .in
addition to this , many scholars agree with valmiki’s theory whereas some does
not. While reading paula richman’s many ramayans ,One will come to know the
basic outline which was written by valmiki .In addition to this  ,the epic written by valmiki has been devided
further into seven ritual kandas placing balakanda on the first followed by
Ayodhyakanda. Though throughout the century , the original telling haS been
hampered with other theories. There is not a sole version of Ramayana, Nevertheless
, there are as many as three hundred Ramayanas , as claimed by AK Ramanujan.




Basic structure of Ramayana :valmikis version

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The epic opens with
a  ruler of Lanka ,a demon ,Ravana , who
gained a blessing due to which he could not get destroyed , at the same time in
the city of Ayodhya , king Dasratha wanted to retire , moreover wanted to hand
the throne to Rama , who was beloved among Ayodya’s citizens for wisdom and
compassion ,however Kaikeyi intervened due to her envy and opposed the decision
,furthermore asked Rama to go in forest for fourteen years .later when Bharata
came and heard of the decision ,moved furiously towards the woods to persuade Rama
to return but ended up returning from woods with Rama’s sandals .One day a Raksasa,
Surpanakha, who is not described as ugly in Valmiki’s version came in woods and
grew fond of Rama ,moreover she tried to seduce the brothers ,in addition to
,  she did not step back and ended up
being mutilated which made her ran to her brother Khara after which Khara had a
battle against Rama ,who defeated them single handedly. Afterwhich the Demon ,
Ravana was informed about the mishappening and the mutiny by ministers
following by Surpanakha herself. The demon got red hot and went to the woods,
despite of the attempts of Jatayu to save Sita , the demon flew her off to his
place. Later while making an Endeavour to search for Sita , both the brothers
met Hanuman ,the hero of monkeys and Sugriva . 
The meeting ended up having a conversation about Valin, brother of
Sugriva, after which Rama shooted Valin. In addition to this, they came to know
about the confinement of Sita in Lanka by Sampati after which they headed
towards the island .Subsequently Rama sent Hanuman asking him to find Sita and
hand over the his ring to her , he returned to Rama after flaming Lanka with
his tail. Later Vibhishana , brother of Ravana joined Rama . as there was sea
inbetween the monkeys built a bridge which made it possible to head towards
Lanka where Ravana got killed by Rama , after which the throne was took by Vibhishana
.later when the battle ended , Rama refused to take Sita as she had lived in
another mans house after which Sita went through flames proving her dignity, But
continuing 9rumours questiong the chastity of Sita made Rama to banish her from
the kingdom after which she finds refuge with sage Valmiki ,in shelter of whom
she gave birth to Lava and Kush later she and Rama ended up going to paradise.



Throughout the history
numerous authors have produced several versions of Ramayana ,for instance , the
kampans, ramcharitmanas, Radheshyam’s Ramayana.the several telling often have
distinct beginnings and endings , moreover events are moulded in certain
manners. According to AK Ramanujan
, there are more than three hundred Ramayanas as he tells a story of rings
where Rama’s ring fallen down and he asked Hanuman to find the same .deepdown
in the netherworld he met the king of spirits where he was puzzled between the
rings as there were innumerous identical rings ,after which he came to know that
for every ring there was a Rama . hence for every Rama there is a Ramayana . Furthermore
, according to Frank E
Reynolds, Ravana is depicted as embodiment ,decedant , moreover
assistant of the hindu gods. Rama is depicted in a certain manner in hindu
society, however the same is depicted as different in other societies