“The they have to obey humans orders as long

“The artificial intelligence does not hate you, nor does it love you, but you are made out of atoms which it can use for something else” Artificial intelligence is the machine intelligence I.e. when a machine acts as a human being such as when they learn or solve problems. AI was founded in 1956 as an academic discipline. Since that year, AI has experienced several waves followed by disappointment and the loss of funding. There were some traditional problems also like reasoning, knowledge, perception etc. In 21st century, AI became an essential part of the technology I.e helping to solve many challenging problems in computer science. But machines sometimes become increasingly capable to do anything which can be harmful for humans.The best example for prooving the negative possibility of AI is shown in the movie “IRobot”. The timeline in the movie portrait the new age of technology (2035) in which a scientist who was responsible for inventing the technology of highly efficient robots, able enough to cater to all your requirements. The robots function on the following 3 laws: Law 1- They cannot harm a human being or through inaction allow a human to get hurt. Law 2- They must do whatever they are told by a human unless such order don’t conflict with law 1. Law 3- They have to defend themselves unless such defence conflict 31 with laws 1 and 2. One day the scientist was killed, depicted in a mysterious suicide plot. As AI definition states that machine will act as humans. In the movie firstly robots worked as humans. Then the understanding of the 3 laws for the robots changed. According to robots, controlling humans is the solution to fulfill the first law as humans won’t fight with each other and will be safe from the corrupt world. Now as per the 3rd law robots are defending themselves as far as it doesn’t step over the first and second law. As per the 2nd law they have to obey humans orders as long as new first and second law are not conflicted. This states how AI can go wrong even when the technology is evolving.