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the ethical implication associated with psychological research that involves human subject include;the intellectual probability.people feel uncomfortable while talking about issues of who will get the credit hence, the researchers must discus such an issue at the beginning of a working relationship.another issue is multiple rules;some of the multiple relationships are considered very unethical .for instance when you get a clients to participate in a research about products of an organization where they own stocks.the researcher should follow informed consent rules;this means that the researcher should inform the person individual of all the process of the research so that he or she can participate voluntary.if the individual is not well informed the researcher will have broken the ethical code.researchers should respect confidentiality and is the right of an individual to be protected when it comes to matters they are not willing to talk about.for instance, if the individual is willing to talk about sensitive topics,the researcher should not put the client in a awkward situation.the last issues is that,researchers should know their ethical resources and ethical obligations.this will help researchers avoid ethical dilemmas.the ethical norms should be put into consideration.the researchers should look at the individual culture and norms so as not to upset them.Explanation:the researchers should take the following steps to ensure they protect human subjects in the research;the researchers should maintain document sand records.the researchers should also save guard the confidentiality of the individual.they should also inform the individuals involve in the research of all the research will entail.the researchers should be able to obtain approval from the individuals prior to the initiation of changes.the researchers should report events to the individuals in advance.