The then released May 14th hostage due to medical

The Iran Hostage Crisis was a time of distress for many americans. The hostage crisis lasted 444 days. It started on November 4, 1979 when Iran students took hostage 90 people 66 of the 90 were Americans. It ended on January 21, 1981 when the students released the hostages just hours after president Ronald Reagan gave his inauguration address. On november 4, 1979 a group of Iran Pro-Ayatollah students showed up at the United States Embassy in Tehran. The students took more than 90 hostages, 60 of them being american. This conflict arose due to the fact that President James Earl “Jimmy” Carter Jr. let Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the former shah of Iran, into the United States for cancer treatment. The reason Iran students were mad about this was because Carter already knew of his criminal record in Iran. However the medical treatment of the Shah was a large reason for the capture of the hostages, iitb was also a way for the student to break free from Iran’s past and to end America interfering with Iran’s affairs. Out of the 66 american hostages that were taken 13 of them were released after a short period of time. The hostages  that were released  were mainly woman, children, End citizens of  countries other than the United States.  they then  released May 14th hostage due to medical reasons. this Left Behind 42 hostages in the embassy compound. although they had no effect on the time or day of the release well none of the hostages were seriously injured their fate was uncertain during the 444 days. They never knew if they would be set free or murdered.  During the 444 days they were blindfolded and paraded through the streets while there were TV cameras and jeering crowds.After 444 days in captivity the 52 hostages were set free on  January 21st, 1981, just hours after Ronald Reagan delivered his inaugural address. It is believed that the reason the hostages were released was because President Ronald Reagan was officially president. The students believe that the US was no longer under a weak power.  they believe the US was under a weak power because Carter was not able to resolve the problem. During the crisis Americans Hung Yellow ribbons on the tree trunks and light poles throughout the United States to honor the hostages taken, and to hope for a safe return.