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The   Yuma Territorial Prison was located on the east bank of the moving Colorado river south of where the Gila river meets the Gila river meets the Colorado( which helped to discourage the scapes attempts in the prison). The prison opened its service in 1876, but many prisoners had started their sentence before the opening. Prisoners started their sentence building the walls and cells where they will later use to complete the end of their sentence.The Yuma territorial prison was a humane place for prisoner of all gender, religion, races, and nationalities, through its history, until its closure, but that didn’t mean that its contribution to the Yuma community was over.Life in the Yuma territorial prison was seen as a vary humane prison for it’s date of operation. The prison had many things the other prison didn’t have in that date, for example, it had a hospital which was very advanced in that date. it served to cure prisoners and helped with their illnesses, or dehydration. Keeping them from getting worse or even prevent them . in this way there were more deaths in the prison and prisoner were safer. I also had electricity which was a big deal around the time it was built. The prison then added a library to its establishment, with all types of book in different languages not just English.  The library was used for both a hobby for the prisoners and it was also used to teach the inmates how to read and write while completing their sentence in the prison. It was also used to teach prisoners how to speak two languages, Spanish and German, preparing them for the world outside the Yuma prison. The Yuma Territorial Prison then added some hobbies for the prisoners to do in the time they were paying for their crimes.  It prevents prisoners from doing the things they aren’t supposed to do, which also benefit them as well as the guards of the establishment, and made the life in the territorial prison a kind of better. For example, it had a band where prisoners can spend time playing an instrument instead of having a bad behavior.The Yuma territorial prison helped the Yuma community in other ways apart from being a  correctional facility. In 1909 the prison closes its doors and prisoners are transferred to a new and bigger prison in Florence, after one year, (1910) the Yuma territorial prison help its community, by becoming a temporary high school, while new one was being built in the town. During the high school serving the students of the Yuma high school received the nickname of “Criminals” or “Crims” because of the school establishment. When the new high school was built the students were transferred to it along with their new nickname which is still being used and the Yuma Territorial Prison was once again abandoned.The Yuma territorial prison opened its service on 1876  but  it was closed 33 years later because of overpopulation and the inability to expand because of the Colorado and Gila rivers, but it’s history and help to the Yuma town wasn’t finished . in 1916 the Yuma town was suffering after an over flood , and the  abandoned prison did its part  helping  the Yuma town by becoming a shelter for people and a source of materials  for reconstruction of the Yuma town after the overflood .After the overflood and after the Yuma town was reconstructed , the Prison  was then used in 1937 for using .The Depression-era was taking place in the united states and the people were suffering around Yuma, losing their homes and having nothing to eat . people started arriving the Yuma territorial prison and it was then  used to house the victims of the depression until 1939 when the depression ended, and the Yuma territorial prison one more time ended his services to the Yuma town, or that was what it was expected.Later on in 1940 the prison becomes a museum with New Deal Founds and in 1941 the prison the city officially operates the city as a museum until 1960 when it closed and it’s guard tower became a place for spotting during the world war II. later on 1961 the prison became the 3rd state park , and it continue to run its service until 2010 when it threaten of its closure because of a budget crisis , but the yuma community got together and raise money to save the Yuma Territorial Prison State Park , which continues to take part of the yuma community on these years . The Yuma territorial prison holds prisoners for over 33 years both women and man of all kind of races and nationalities.The Yuma Territorial Prison hold some crazy pants prisoners during its running but the ones who were really crazy were the women, just like  Maria Moreno a 16-year-old girl who murdered her 15-year-old brother, because he didn’t like the way Maria was dancing and told her to stop ,she then threaten him to kill him  and he responded with a ” Kill me then!” and so she did, she got a shotgun and shot him in the face making his death instantly. Another example of the crazy woman who completed their sentence in the Yuma Territorial Prison was Elena Estrada, a woman who was accused of manslaughter when she stabbed her unfaithful husband, she then cut open his chest, tear his heart out and threw it in his face.Mexican and Hispanic, were also held in this prison during the years of its operation, about 1152 were some of them. One Mexican and the only man who was executed in the prison was Martin umbrellas for the crime of murder.He was convicted of the murder of Simon Aldrete a fellow inmate in the prison, he was sentenced on January 3rd of death by hanging, and the murder was committed five months past that day. Martin Umbrellas tried to commit suicide to escape from that sentence but he, was unsuccessful and then became the only inmate who was hung in the prison.out of all the prisoner who the prison held 112 died inside it and were buried in its cemetery. Most of the deaths were caused by consumption, tuberculosis, and shots when trying to escapes who were more than half.Pearl Eiker was one of the prisoners who died in the prison and was also the only woman inmate who died in it, on 10 Jan 1908, for  Obstruction of bowels. As previously mentioned, the Yuma Territorial Prison which is now a historical park in the Yuma town. It opens its service in 1876 and closed 33 years letter for its inability to expand its walls. During the time the prison was open, people on the outside thought of it as a very humane person because of some privileges that the prison had, for example, electricity and a library. The prison sustained many prisoners both men and women, some women being more dangerous than the men. The time pass and the prison shut its door but it still continues contributing to the Yuma town and its history.