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The strive for a more equal and unbiased society is something most pursue, especially in the present day. This same societal movement is something that has resonated with me and I have held close to my heart since a very young age. Something which probably stems from my early exposure to other cultures, as I have only ever attended international schools. A utopian society for me would be one in which everyone has the same opportunities, and unfortunately, I can not say that I live in one right now. Nevertheless, I hope that through the fortunate opportunities I have had, I can try to push the world in the right direction and I believe Law would be the best place to guide me on a path to give others justice.I believe that my HL English language and literature course is what will best help me prosper in Law. Studying this programme has really helped me progress my critical thinking skills. I believe these to be important in all disciplines, but more so in Law, where the ability to be rational in decision making can help look at all perspectives of a problem and not have any biases when doing so.I enjoy a wide variety of sports and physical activities and love to compete on athletic teams. Some of the sports I lean towards are: rugby, tennis, golf, football, skiing, water polo and I also have been consistently attending the gym for 2 years. I go to the gym about 3 or 4 days a week, it has not only helped me physically but also has given me a drive and consistency in my school work. I participate in my high school football team, attend tennis classes once a week at a local tennis club and try to ski whenever I get the chance.For the past 2 years I have been regularly been a member of the Model United Nations (MUN) club and have attended many conferences hosted by other international European schools. I think MUN has really helped with my public speaking skills, negotiating, debating skills and also researching skills. I believe that these are all essential skills to help me flourish during my future Law course. I have also been a part of my school’s GIN club where my fellow pupils and I raised awareness about sexism in our school. This was actually quite tough, as we all had different ideas as what message should be conveyed, and I learned that sometimes it is best to let my ideas go and find compromises. It also helped sharpen my organization skills, as since I have so many out of school activities, I had to really focus on planning my work to make sure I did not fall behind.I am especially excited to study intellectual Law and Criminal Law at your institution. I find the former to be very interesting as it ties in with some forms of copyright Law, and the idea of ‘owning’ data has always been of interest to me. The latter interests me as I think of it as a real challenge to be able to analytically look at some of the cases which appear under Criminal Law.I am very much enthusiastic to the prospect of studying Law at your university as I am sure that all of my previous experience and willingness to do well can help me succeed in this line of further studies.