The the United States won the war because Spain

The Spanish American war started in 1998 by an explosion that sank the battleship Maine near Havana Harbor. President McKinley was president at that time and proceeded to begin the war. This Explosion triggered the war between Spain and the United States. This happened when American citizens and Filipinos were in Cuba helping them win their independence against Spain. Other reasons lead to the war like the American imperialism and Cuba’s independence. The yellow journalism would publish horrifying stories of how the Spaniards treated Cubans, the painted them as horrible people. They would exaggerate the crud mistreatment towards the Cubans. The president of the yellow journalism was William Randolph Hearst. The first battle of the U.S. against Spain was the battle San Juan Hill. From July 1-3 the united states military defeated the Spanish military at Santiago Bay and the battle of San Juan Heights. Later, in the year the Spanish surrender. After the United States won the war because Spain surrenders in Santiago. The United States became the most powerful country. In August 1998 the peace treaty was signed by the United States and Spain ending the war between the two. After the war, many citizens saw the victory as a movement of expansion (Manifest Destiny). The country became an imperial power country. After the Imperialism, the United States wanted to improve their economic markets. The victory of the United States acquires control of Puerto Rico, Philippines, and Guam. The United States made a payment of 20 million dollars over the Philippines. The United States did not know if they should annex the Philippines. Soon an American Anti-Imperialism was created to stop the annexation of the Philippines. The members of the American Anti-Imperialism were Andrew Carnegie, Samuel Gompers, and Mark Twain. The United States didn’t see a need to annex the Philippines because they looked like they could handle themselves and both remain neutral. In 1998 was a turning point because the United States became the world power and an imperial power country. The victory against Spain was beneficial towards the country.